Custom 3D Printed Sword

I have started back into what started me in Computers in the last few months… 3D!
Years back I worked in a program called Adobe Atmosphere (R.I.P. 2001) – Wikipedia link. Long story short Adobe finished it out and hit version 1 and discontinued it. The product was WAY ahead of its time and basically allowed people to create 3D Worlds that you could chat/play/and explore.

Anyways without further going into that history here is some pictures of my first works. Back in 3D.

(Using Tinkercad!)

10394032_782468332117_270820326353580561_n sword1 swordbumblebee

The sword comes in two parts. Which gives the ability to print in two different materials. For this I chose to print in Transparent and Strong White Plastic. It came out pretty nice. I had to also split it up like this in order to comply with Shapeways terms and conditions. (No weapons larger than 10CM…)

Because of this I had to split it up… Which I have another project that I finished that I had to print with another company that does not have this rule.

I am at the moment finishing the handle in a yellow paint. (Unfortunately not exactly the orange yellow seen with the AOE Bumblebee above…) It should however give it a nice clean look.

To see it in my Shapeways store: Shaunware Design

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