Michael Bay Transformers 5 Rumors…

The internet is buzzing yet again about whether not Michael Bay will or will not be directing Transformers 5.

Seibertron, Allspark, TFW2005, and the list goes on forums are busy arguing both sides with “excitement and discontent…”

One of the original articles that hit the net came from here: (Definitely pretty satire information!) http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/transformers-5

Now IGN which cites Variety.com are saying Michael Bay will be focusing on a new project that is a documentary film about the Benghazi (13 hours.)

This according to many have said that this rumor buzzes after every single film (and often during!) Until we get a final sign off from Paramount, and Michael Bay himself… I would not call this a final answer.

Right now Transformers 5 is set to hit theatre’s June 24th 2016  IMDB. Bay is an aggressive directory when it comes to filming and hitting timelines and with two+ years to go it is still a good chance he could take on this project.

More to come!


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