Top Ten Best Transformers Series

Pulling from a poll created on “” I give you the Top Ten Best Transformers Series.

Definitely one of the most “touchy” subjects any die-hard fan definitely has their own favorites. From the Gwunners, to the middle series such as the Unicron Series and now into the Michael Bay era.

#10 – Energon

Probably one of my more favorite series. Energon comes in at the last place on the list, but made it on to it. At times the show can get annoying with Kicker and Ironhide “whining” about something. Whether Kicker is “always right” to the dialogs that are a clear “translation” issue between Japan and America.


#9 – Rescue Bots

Glad to see this made the list, my kids love this show! I too can find enjoyment in it even though it is very light hearted and low on the action scale.

Currently available on Netflix.


#8 – Beast Hunters

Beast Hunters I would have to say is when the Transformers Prime series started to finally get REALLY good. Action sequences probably some of the best of the best. Between Matrix style panning to slow motion explosions. And who can’t forget Predaking?!


#7 – Cybertron

This one I have to say I really do not agree with. Cybertron is out of the Unicron Series the most silly and distant story lines out of the three…

#6 – Beast Machines

Beast Machines being a continuum of Beast Wars definitely made it… Probably one of my more favorites out of the list, but overall at times was annoying with the whole Zen/Buddhism finding ones self etc…

#5 – Armada

Definitely one of my favorites from the Unicron Series. It definitely is very deserving to be on this list.

#4 – Animated

This series surprised me… After watching its short span I have to say is one of my favorite series right next to Transformers Prime.

#3 – Beast Wars

An oldie, but goodie… Some of the best dialogs along with jokes, and fun. For the time the graphics on this show were top notch which now days make it a bit “dated.” Even still this would fit as my top 3!

#2 – G1

To no surprise G1 made it very close to the #1 spot. True G1 fans really have stuck in over the ages. From the GWunners, to the none-hardcore that simply like everything. G1 is where it all started and who can hate that?

Currently available on Netflix.

#1 – Prime

This series by far is my favorite. The characters, the story, even the way the series started… (Not going to spoil it!) Out of all the series Transformers Prime took a darker edge to the universe and really pushed it. (Which is also why the new Robots in Disguise is pushing a lighter more kid friendly approach and it is looking to be a Continuum of Prime!) Fighting sequences even really opened doors to what is possible and made the show that much more cool.

Also available on Netflix Instant Stream.

– My Top 10 –

#1 Transformers Prime / Beast Hunters (I grouped them…)

#2 Animated (Yea sorry I liked this more than G1…)

#3 G1

#4 Beast Wars

#5 Armada

#6 Energon

#7 Beast Machines

#8 Rescue Bots

#9 Cybertron

#10 (No #10 because I grouped em!)


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