Funnies – Customs

Starting another thread of posts here today and starting it off. A life size Ravage…

Down kitty!



Based on the size of this I am guessing the maker used foam and sculpted it with various tools such as a hot wire and some other various knives. Otherwise using wood or other material might make this way to heavy…

Creator / Source: Foamtastic Props

2 Comments on “Funnies – Customs

  1. I keep being surprised at all the places pictures of my Ravage turn up. I made this out of EVA anti-fatigue mats, i cut the foam using scalpels and glue it together with a hot glue gun. Visit my facebook page to see the build process.

  2. Hey Jamie!

    Your work is most impressive! I have updated my links above to give you credit. I am looking into getting into some foam sculpting myself. (LIKED AND FOLLOWING!)