Space Bridge / Star Gate

So part of starting this site was for me to come up with and create some display cases for my collection of Transformers to stand in. Recently while “day-dreaming” about all of this I thought about how cool it would be to have a Space Bridge ahem Star-Gate (Yes big SG-1 fan here too!) to be the bridge between Cybertron & Earth…

Here is my first draft. It is fairly messy, and still much to work out. It definitely needs more “points” these are Cybertronian symbols 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. I should probably have all 9 numbers in there for the sake of consistency.


Right now I am looking at using either Styrofoam or Cardboard for the structure. The gate will comprise of two pieces so I can insert LED lights into each of the numbered portions. (Ideally each on their own switch.) You can find 3mm LED’s on Ebay for pretty cheap. I recently ordered 500 LED’s for $8.50.

Second part to this I am looking at making the interior part when the gate is actually “on.” This will comprise of a few parts. First layer being a graphic printed to give it a depth. Additionally I am looking at the idea of layering that graphic so I can insert some LED’s and defuse them so it lights up evenly.

On the top most layer I am going to add some liquid water


As you can see all sorts of things can be done with this. Looking at the final part where they made a “swirl” in a cooking pan this is similar to what I am looking at doing for the gate. And with the added light behind this it should make for a very cool affect.


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