Custom Plasma Axe

I have had this axe sitting on my desk since before Christmas. Unfortunately I have not had the time to take pictures and paint it until this last week.

My son has been a fan of the War for Cybertron and now Fall of Cybertron lines (we are a little behind.) One thing we have noticed with the toys from these lines is the lack of melee weapons. So I set out to make an axe just for him!

The results I was pretty happy with for the most part. Version 1 of this model was a bit rough and required a lot of sanding on the handle. WFC Optimus hand has a higher fit than most 5mm hands. However once sanded down and painted I noticed no chipping or peeling which is a success! My past works would have this peeling because of being to close to the 5mm fits.

Check it out.

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