Stomp and Chomp Grimlock near 50% off

Back in 2013 I landed a decent deal on Titan Metroplex. Which was retailing for around $120. (Still can find it for that in some places…) I got mine for $70.00 and decided going forward large TF’s like these should never be bought at full price again!

I have now waited on Stomp and Chomp Grimlock until now… I said $79.99 and in some cases $89.99 is WAAY to much for this toy. This toy is most definitely for my kids and not necessarily part of my collection. (Metroplex is definitely in my collection ehem…)

Finally Grimlocks price has been stomped and chomped down to a price I can finally justify getting him. (For my kids of course jeez!) Amazon has him for $41.62 (Frustration Free Packaging.) Folks thats nearly 50% off and from what I can tell is not going to be a beatable price…

Sure the packaging matters, bla la bla… But lets be honest this toy is for kids… Not like Titan Metroplex that is so stinking big and tends to fall over on top of them…

Stomp and Chomp on the other hand won’t be having these issues as he isn’t 2ft tall!

Moral of the story… I bet right!


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