Cybertronian Metal Diorama – Part 2

In part 1 I explained how to take house hold materials and make your very own Metal (Cybertronian Metal) Diorama. The process is very easy and takes about an 1-2 hours. In part 2 I will now be talking about painting your background (or floor.)

Something to think about with Aluminum foil is it might resist (non-stick) and take a few layers to get a nice thickness to it. Acrylic didn’t seem to have trouble, but it does take a few layers to get a nice thickness to it.

In my previous custom articles I explain that I use Acrylic paint. (Relatively cheap brand too.) Americana.

You can get it for about $2 a thing. Or the set above for about $12.

Now painting this I recommend looking up some materials on how to use acrylics. I basically use the following technique.

1) Glass of water

2) Drip small amount of paint on to a paper plate

3) Dip my brush into the water and brush some of it off onto a paper towel.

4) Dip the tip of the brush into the paint and brush it so its not to thick.

From here I do small layers. Streaks are ok here as most metal seems to have a bit of its own life to it. I got a little messy with mine to make it seem like its aged bit. Additionally I added some Houser Dark Green, and even mixed some of my Zinc and Yellow to get a nice rust look on certain panels.

The goal is to add a bit more depth to it. so going darker on the outside and lighter on the inside. My backgrounds I try not to have to much in focus so they don’t have to be perfect.

If your wanting a more “non-earthly.” I suggest having several shades of grey (50 might be nice!) Black is an obvious need also. I will try and make a more “less earthly” diorama. This one was more like a ship on earth that had been decaying in the wilderness. Additionally if you are going for the Teletran-1 / Ark yellow look, you can always go with a yellow, and orange base and be extremely thin. This will make the foil still shine a good bit behind it. (Which you may want to do the shiny side up for that…)

Anyways who cares about words here is my first painted one.

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