Funny of the Day

So my kids are pretty much Transformer kids. You know… Who would have thought taking after their dad and all… My oldest son informed my wife the following while going to school today.

“Mom, when I grow up I won’t be seeing you for a long time.”, said Maddox. “Why is that Maddox”, replied Mom. “Well I have to go to planet Cybertron. You see its very far away and its not in this planet or solar system.”, he continued, “I have to go and fight the Decepticons and won’t be back until we win.”

Yes my son off to go and fight the good fight… #WhatDoYouWantToBeWhenYouGrowUp ?

Now not entirely sure about him being an Autobot, but I would say at least he knows what he wants…

Graphic By: JJaso

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