Thundercracker a Racist?

A recent petition by a seemingly angry mother. Her child some how received Thundercracker recently and was appalled. Her reasoning is that the slur / slang of “Cracker” is a racial slur used to disparage Caucasians. She then continued her research into other Hasbro Transformer names and has this to say:

Aside from the racist “Thundercracker” name, Hasbro issued toys with the following names which any God-fearing, decent parent would find objectionable.

Acid Storm – this is a green jet that has an obvious reference to drugs. Aside from the Acid in the name, the toy has the                               numbers 420, which means marijuana

Brawl – glorifies violence and street fights

Blackout – also racist, and they made him a villain. Do we want to teach kids that African-American people are all evil?

Blitzwing – an allusion to NAZI war tactics and Aryan supremacy

Cliffjumper – suggests that kids kill themselves by jumping from cliffs and other high places

Inferno – an attempt to make hellfire cool with kids, so not only does Hasbro think it’s okay to teach kids racism, they also                       want them to worship the devil

Knockout – a misogynist term that male chauvinists use to degrade independent women

Roadblock – from their G.I. Joe line, a person of African-American descent called Roadblock, which almost sounds like “black”

The comments on this form are rather defensive and placing her in a realm of “crazy.” Clearly most of these are not as she says they are, however others do bring up the big question… Are they maybe humor based on the premise of these things? Clearly some of them are definitely not, but instead clearly about “War.”

I do have my questions though about Acid Storm, and Blitzwing as I have heard the term Acid Storm before… Blitzwing often times does stir the pot of Nazi Germany days. Watching Transformers Animated he definitely plays a bit of a German accents.

To read the petition check it out here:…

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