3D Printed Hands v2 off to the printer!

I have finally sent off my 3D hands to the printer. After a long long long delay and me needing to re-think some things about these hands. Previously the first set of hands I made fell apart… The fingers worked real ok, but the thumb and joints that joined into the palms constantly had the fingers falling out. So I scratched the entire model and started over…

This new set of hands I had a few issues with the last time I sent them off.

#1 The Sprues were 1mm (which at the time was plenty big enough…) They changed the rules after I had finished!

#2 Parts of the fingers were a little on the brittle side (no good!)

And now I am pretty sure *crosses fingers* most of these issues should be resolved. I should have this in hands by the end of this month. (Pun intended…)

Additionally I started this project WAY before Combiner Wars was even in the news and even a rumor. These should work with ANY combiner. Because the current Combiners have a gun port I even added a 5mm port on the hands to hold weapons. I can nearly 99% guarantee these to work as my previous hands fit just fine in a combiner ports.

I will take pictures of the v1 hands to show the progress… As these hands are over 19 parts per hand! The previous ones were not even close…

Additionally I am working on some new feet for Combiner Wars figures… My biggest issue I am trying to figure out is the cost. The sheer size of them makes them more expensive. Currently these are priced at $30 (printing costs!) I may have to bulk order these to reduce the costs and sell them myself.

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