Custom Age of Extinction Slag

So I purchased recently from someone the double pack from TRU… And have been wanting to do a custom on a Transformer for a long time. Because I had two now and only paid about $10 for Slag…. Why not?

My inspiration was actually the Black Knight version, however, darker… AD Soundwave!

I used two spray paints –

1) Rust-Oleum Metallic (Brilliant Metal Finish)

2) Krylon Paint + Primer Black Gloss.

3) Acrylic Paint (I use Americana)

4) Anything painted with Acrylic is then also sealed with a Krylon Clear finish. (Not necessary, but helpful!)

5) I used a thick green painters tape for details. This helps prevent the spray paint from leaking (not prefect but helps..)

6) If paint leaks over… You can always spray paint real thick onto a paper plate or cardboard. Then using a brush you can brush the areas needed. (Great for finer details!)

Below you will find the steps and final results. I dub thee, Soundwave’s Dinbot! (I hope to do two more like this. Snarl, and another Scorn…)

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