Scalper hoards MP Soundwave

Recently a topic came up on Transformer Addicts! Facebook page. Someone posted about this eBayer showing off his rather large stock pile of MP Soundwaves…

By my count he has over 42 MP Soundwave’s. That retailed for about $125 (assuming he bought them full price.) Which comes out to being $5,250! Now this eBayer is Canadian so its possible they paid more for them, but assuming not lets keep going!

Right now his price starts at $219 and maxes just under $300.00 Which means if they get the low end here they are looking at a $9,198! Or on the high end – $12,600!

Profiting from this lesson folks this scalper is walking home with: a potential gain of: $7,350 (assuming they sell for top dollar!)



Pictures Mirrored

The group had a steady stream of fans stating their opinions. Consensus was that a majority were pretty upset. Given this is a hobby and suppose to be for fun… This person has found a way to make a potentially large amount of money on hobbyist.



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