3D Hands in hand v2.5!

So I have had these guys in hand (pun intended) for few days now. Still working on getting them cleaned up, but here is a little preview. Along with a few snapshots of the process to get them ready for use on a Combiner War Transformer.Steps are a lot easier on this set, while they do require a good bit of cutting and cleaning. For some reason this round came out nearly spotless in regards to no dust…

My initial checks are showing this round could definitely be released and ready for others to print. However, I do have a few notes.

– Thumbs I am NOT happy with “still” – heavily considering going back to the single joint vs the double joint for this release.

– Thumbs really need to be revised entirely. I feel to make this stand out with the other hands that are out there they need to rotate and have more mobility than what they currently allow.

– Sprues… I hate them… When you have 34 parts and having to cut through 2mm of plastic it gets rather difficult and time taking. Shapeways I believe has a 2mm sprue requirement and more than one… They are a hot mess to clean. My knives may be getting dull, but even still it sucks. Going to contact them to see about reducing the connection points to 1.5mm like most Gundam model kits do.

– Other notes to follow as I continue working on them. I

Here are some of my first snapshots. I hope to have them done this week as I am in the final phases of painting and about to glue the knuckles in.

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