Combiner Wars 3D Printed Hands v2.5 Off to the Printers!

If you have been following the progress these hands are off to the printers for the last revision. Every draft so far has been significant overhaul. And this last set should be the final round. (It has only been two drafts! So three total…)

This round will include:

1) Thumbs enhanced with additional joint.

2) Increased thumb spacing

3) Increased finger bend and mobility (allowing for fists and other positioning.)

4) Easier assembly. Previously getting this thing out of the sprued sections was extremely difficult. This did add to the price a bit more, but I feel its still worth the cost.

5) Increased hand connector point to transformer by .1mm (Yes very tiny, but this should make for a tighter fit even after painted.) It may still require sanding down to fit but sanding is a minor labor aspect any 3D Print job may require.

6) Fingers now have a angle cut so they can bend easier (last hands I had to shave this down so they could bend easier.)

7) Gun port is slightly longer. Depending on how this draft goes I may even re-evaluate this to as some 3rd party swords have very long handles and it would be great if it would fit perfectly…

At this point this piece is nearing completion. It does have a significant amount of parts to it. Right now it is at 34 parts total.

3 parts per finger (12 + 2 for the thumb 14 parts for fingers…) X 2 (28 just on fingers!)

So this will require some manual labor, such as cutting, cleaning and painting. I will definitely look at doing a small tutorial on how to assemble this.

More to come, I expect no issues with the printer, however, the time for printing can take two or more weeks…


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