Combiner Wars 3D Printed Hands

I feel these are ready for general use. While they still have minor things they far outweigh the results. Being this is a 3D print and not a injection mold these are not for kids or for hardcore playing. Fingers are double ball joints.

These MUST be painted/spray painted even with a primer of the color you are wanting them to be in. If you do not paint them / primed the fingers will be extremely lose! After primed fingers may still be on the lose end so use clear nail polish or Pledge Floor Cleaner (SC Johnson Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish 27 OZ).

There will be more versions of these hands in the future so keep on the look out!

As you can see these hands do have a 5mm Port – however the Menasor sword is to long to handle it. No worries! The hands can still hold it using its regular fists. Mine need to be tightened just a bit more, but work just fine.

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