Dx9toys Combiner Wars Megatron addons

Ok so this was definitely on my list of things to work on… However Dx9toys has beat me to the punch… It is interesting to see the response it is getting on the fan sites, and fan pages as its VERY mixed. Apolloyon is releasing soon and people still seem to be bias towards the 3rd party route.

Me… Ill take Combiner Wars Megatron over an expensive version. Why? Because the difference is minimal and I actually like CW Megatron better in just about every way. Thats my opinion…

This kit includes.

– 2 Hands

– Shoulder Cannon

– 2 feet

– Cannon muzzle

Total height – 24.5CM (That makes for a decent MP!)

Just take a look at him…

DX9 TOYS AL-01 Include: handsX2 shoulder cannonX1 feetX2 arm cannon muzzleX1head-to-feet height:24.5CM

Posted by Dx9toys on Monday, April 6, 2015

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