Shapeways Announces Frosted Extreme Detailed (FXD)

Shapeways has announced its Frosted Extreme Detail today on their blog. Along with this comes they are now removing “Frosted Detailed on April 29th” as this has been known to have many issues. Yellowing, and even the starting to deteriorate.

This level of detail is expensive starting designs at $5.00 and $5.99 per CC… So this is going to really be more for smaller models, which would be really great for faces, and smaller details minitures.

Today we are excited to announce our newest material, Frosted Extreme Detail! It uses the same resin and printer as our popular material Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD), but it’s almost twice as detailed! Frosted Extreme Detail, or FXD for short, 3D prints using 16 micron layers (vs FUD’s 29 micron layers). This means 3D prints that have unprecedented detail and surface finish, sharper edges, less stepping, and stronger walls and wires. It’s perfect for the most demanding miniatures, figurines, and molds and masters for casting.


Design guidelines are the exact same as FUD, so all your existing FUD designs are printable and you can get started designing amazing new things right away! Pricing for this material is $5.00 startup and $5.99 per CC. The difference in price compared to FUD is that the thinner layers take longer to print and use more material.

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