Combiner Wars Custom Feet

So some really good news! Today I finally was able to work a little bit more on my upcoming project CW-Feet. PerfectEffect has released theres and people are now receiving them… Which still brings my intrigue to push a slightly different set of feet giving a different option. Not only an different option but the option to only get the feet or the hands.

More good news… Today I have been able to reduce the feet cost by over $11.00! If you know anything about 3D Printing it is expensive! This basically means that you will be able to purchase both the hands and feet for about the same cost of PerfectEffect’s! And if you can find a coupon (which they happen to come around from time to time) it might even be cheaper!

To be even more competitive my plan is to create three different sets of feet. Giving you options! Extending this goal a bit more, the plan is to even provide 3 different scales for each. Which will provide a larger, middle, and smaller set. So if you like the bulky look then go larger. If you want slightly larger than CW Hasbro feet then middle will work nicely! OR if you want a set that is smaller (about the same size of CW Hasbro feet…) Then the smallest will do.

These feet will also have a henge on them so they can angle and keep the feet flat on the ground. Total parts right now is about 4. However this number will increase as I need to separate the feet so they can hook in the henge. So gluing will be required!

Anyways I am behind on this project greatly. Unfortunately I will not be printing my first test round this week, so this leaves me in mid June to end of June release on the v1.

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