Rumor Leader Class Skywarp

This should  come to no surprise for any collector… Why would we get Thundercracker and not his two other brothers Starscream and Skywarp? This would be like the Three Stooges without Moe or Larry…

TFW2005 member reported DecepticusPrime the picture above. I am sure once we get to BOTCON and SDCC we will hear officially if this will be true or not. But realistically we have already seen some pictures of Starscream so this would seem most logical.

As right now we are on Wave 3 and we know already what Wave 4’s leader will be “Ultra Magnus.”

Wave 3 contains Defensor, Megatronus (Cyclonus), and Leader Class Thundercracker. So the big question will be what will Wave 4 be!


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