Custom painted Ironhide (AOE Hound)

So I took on this project about a couple months ago. And finally feel like its at a place where I can show some of the results so far. Now I have not dirtied him up yet, as I am going for a slightly clean look for the moment. So its definitely a lot different from Darkcave Customs version.

Take a look!

Basically I used several things here…

  • Rust Oleum (Ultra Cover Paint+Primer) Colonial Red, Metallic, and gloss black
  • Americana Acrylic paint (Might be looking into some other brands…)
  • Darkcave 3D Printed Ironhide head

I tried using another black paint I think it was Krylon and it did not do well on the rubber parts of Hound. It was sticky and did not seem to dry very well. I ended up spraying over it with the Rust Oleum, and then finished with some acrylic to ruff it up.

The Acrylic paint I used here is very cheap… Some of the paint went on very smooth while other colors I had to fight. Which may be I need to shake it up and blend a bit more with water to soften it. Otherwise I am fairly happy with some of the results. I am going to smooth out the yellow a bit more as I had to go thicker than I wanted to due to the paint not working with me…

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