Paramounts ‘Transformers Story Room’ will launch at least a dozen movies

Forbes Magazine has released an article talking about the “Transformers Story room” will potentially launch at least 12 Transformers Movies. Previously I talked about how this is in a similar manner to how Marvel is doing their movies. As it has been lately Transformers universes are not all the same or equal in the eyes of fans.

These movies have great potential to unite the universes and bring in a whole new fan base.

Monday, June 8th is the first official day of operations at Paramount’s Transformers’ story room, where almost a dozen writers will steep their collective heads in franchise lore before churning out the next decades worth of stories for movies and television.

The story room, a fairly new concept in franchise development, is a team of writers and sometime producers brought together with the singular purpose to create interconnected product within the guidelines of an intellectual property’s fictional world. It’s the mutated child of a typical writers room and the transmedia arm of a multi-million dollar blockbuster movie’s marketing department.

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