Soundwave Sunday – Ultimate Collector

This Soundwave Sunday I wanted to feature a collector who recently showed an overview picture of their collection on Transformer Addicts! Facebook page. Let me just say… Your Soundwave collection is “Inferior” Midori Kaeru’s is “Superior“…

When she posted her collection she only shared on picture of over 130 pictures. I had to ask her to be interviewed and share this collection!

Meet Midori Kaeru


1) How many soundwaves are in your collection?

Without any cassettes or cassette memorabilia which would take even longer to count I have well over 140 items that are just Soundwave or Soundblaster, including some oddities which are wacky colour schemes and are neither character.

2) When did you first start collecting Transformers and more specifically decide to collect Soundwave?

I first started collecting way back in 2008, in fact it was my husband that got me into them in the first place. He saw a commemorative Optimus Prime in a toy shop and was telling me about the Transformers from his childhood so I convinced him to treat himself to it. It all sort of sparked from there, at the time in my area the Classics had just started coming out and Alternators were still in shops so we picked those up, in fact the first Transformer I had for myself was Classics Powerglide. My husband showed me the original Transformers movie, he showed me the toys which he had as a child or managed to pick up from car boots over the years and there was Soundwave! His Soundwave was pretty battered and the poor old Buzzsaw with him had no head but when I transformed him, he was so fun, especially with his cassettes and I just couldn’t believe how good he looked. My husband kindly gave me that Soundwave and that was it. As for only collecting Soundwave, for me I think I’m just too practical. Rather than just collecting Transformers, which is sort of an unobtainable goal since it would be almost impossible to get them all, I decided on just one to concentrate on, you never know, one day I may actually complete it though I doubt it!

3) If you had to pick only one Soundwave out of all of them which one would you keep?

I think I would have to keep a G1 Soundwave. The G1 figure really has stood the test of time and I think he still looks as amazing as he did 30 years ago, even with his limited articulation he still manages to look menacing and pose-able! I have to say, my Soundblaster JR does have a special place in my heart though.

4)”Why Soundwave”

Soundwave is so cool, even as a toy by himself but couple that with his awesome transforming cassettes and the amazing talents of Frank Welker’s voice in the many iterations of him in cartoons which brings him to life even more, how can you argue? He’s the cool and quiet type, has a face plate AND a shoulder cannon, what more could you need?

Now on to the collection! Images Mirrored. To see her complete collection go to her Facebook page.

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