Combiner Wars To many repaints?

Combiner Wars series is starting to get a rather lengthy list of complaints across most the internet. Firstly I would like to say part of the Internet is broken, but on the other half it is working just fine…

Combiner Wars Repaint Compliants!

While this argument is infiltrating the communities a lot lately and while it does seem to be a valid argument. As Hasbro and Takara do seem to abuse certain molds more than others. It would also seem that it seems early to be re-using molds. Which based on seeing some info graphs that exist right now this is not completely untrue. However the argument on the flip side is that we have also gotten a lot of wonderful Transformers that have been long awaited.

So looking at it from the perspective of mold re-use… Here is an info graph that was done.

Chart was found on: Reddit

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.25.22 PM


On average here it does seem to be a good bit of mold re-use. (To me is expected…) Considering they have pretty much released or about to release nearly every main character in the line. Now yes it is rather depressing that the Fan Built combiner is a retool with slight tweaks instead of a completely new molds and or even just getting more retooling than what it is…

So sure looking at that negative aspect, but lets flip this around slightly.

What have we gotten from this year?

– Superion

– Menasor

– Defensor

– Leader Class Megatron AND Armada Megatron! (Back to back! Yes its the same mold…)

– Thundercracker, (Starscream and Skywarp also on the way… All same mold but guess what this is common!) I honestly will probably skip these because I feel MP route is better. And I do not want a retool of Jetfire.

– Ultra Magnus

– Titan Class Devastator – Come on now quit complaining about the tiny problems…

Just naming a few of them and not to mention the two MP’s lined up already.

Bluestreak and Starscream! Bluestreak is also already out and at Toys R Us. Starscream is said to be coming out sometime next month.

Overall while its easy to be frustrated with the combiners, so many other things here have been released that make this line a great piece of work. If you recall several other lines have been riddled with problems especially Movie Lines! So while these complaints are valid at the same time we have gotten so many great new molds and Transformers that easily out weights the reuse of molds.

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