TRU Toys R’ Us Coupons and how to win!

One of the biggest compliant I see and even have had about Toy’s R Us is how expensive they are compared to every other toy store. Well I am going to let you in on a secret. You can knock their prices down to match or be even less than ANY competitor for the most part. Now one of the steps here is on the side of “iffy” as it will require you opening a credit card with them, and people can see this as “evil.” But if you pay it off each month then no harm here… If you don’t then I cannot recommend doing this route because interest rates are not cheap!

So what do you do?

  1. Get coupons! Ask around, sign up for their newsletters as they send coupons once a month! These usually are any where from 15% to 25% off! People with credit cards will typically be able to utilize the “20% to 25% off ones…”
  2. Get the credit card… Let me say just by signing up your first purchase knocks 15% off your “ENTIRE” order. So if you are buying something big… Thats 15-25% off the top… Then ANOTHER 15% off that…
  3. Finally save them points and make sure you are a member! I like to get mine in $10 increments… After I think its 125 points  = about $5. If you are a credit card member you get double points.

Now with these three here is an example of what I did when getting my Combiner Wars Devastator…

  1. 25% off coupon… 159.99 x .25 =$39.99 off! Taking it down to $120!
  2. Signed up for the Credit Card… Thats 15% off! $120 x .15 = $18 off… Taking it down to $102…
  3. Use your points! $102 – $10 = $92!!!

With this process I had over $67.99 off! Even doing this process on smaller ticket items and after having the credit card it changes slightly…

Use your Credit Card on Thursdays (This year in November and December also) gets you 10% off! Typically 15% off coupons are also very common so simply asking your communities on Facebook should get all sorts of people posting them.

What this means overall is even there $16.99 deluxe Transformers can come down to around $12 “AFTER TAX!”

So Win Win! The only way to beat these prices is Amazon when they do there “price drops” and those you have to get quickly!

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