Soundwave Sunday!

I haven’t been good at following through, so here is another Soundwave Sunday… This time I give you some art!

This one is brought to you by Hasbro – However I would love to know who the actual artist is!


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Sound wave Sunday – Joke!

A rather slow Sunday, but hey here is a nice Soundwave joke that has been posted several times all over the net. Nothing better than a good Soundwave Sunday! Enjoy!

Soundwave tangled up cassette

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Full preview picture of Optimus Maximus

Optimus Maximus appeared a while ago in a smaller glimpse and has now appeared in full all over the net. He is said to be part of Wave 4 that is already on preorder for most of the online retailers.

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Generations Megatron Concept Art

So probably one of my favorite Deluxe Generations toys that came out last year was Generations Megatron. His concept was “Pre-Megatron” being bad… But rather the Megatron that fought in the arena’s and won the respect and hearts of Cybertron.

Even still the mold have been used several times over this is a really great use of it.

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Soundwave / Laserbeak Transformers Fanpage Teaser

Yet another teaser following up from yesterdays “Soundwave.” We get Laserbeak… Could the transformers fan page be amping us up for SDCC announcement for a Combiner Wars Soundwave? Or is this just purely informational to create activity on the page.

Soundwave has sent noted Decepticon spy Laserbeak to learn everything he can about the Combiners. He’ll be sending reports all summer long, so check in to see the latest Combiner news.

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Superion and Menasor Art

So these awesome posters have been showing up all over the net. Felt like they were worthy of posting. Menasor and Superion being Hasbro’s most recent Wave 1 and Wave 2 Transformer line releases. Enjoy!

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Soundwave Hasbro

Hasbro Transformers Page. I have to say… It is time for us to get a Combiner War Soundwave. No I don’t care for it to combine, but we have not seen anything of the likes yet… And well being Soundwave is one of my favorites. Here is their teaser for me for the day.


Soundwave has been tasked with obtaining information on the Combiners, and he’s sending Laserbeak to gather intel. Look out for updates and reports.

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Acridine Chunhui _5do at it again!

I have to say this is one of the most talented ways one can re-imagine there Transformers toys into something real. His work opens the doors for some really neat ideas for fans to create and see there toys in a whole new way.

Acridine Chunhui _5do takes and adds realistic effects via what appears to be Photoshop, and possibly some additional 3D rendering.

Without me carrying on to much more ill let his work speak for itself.

– Images Mirrored

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Mudflap and Skids Deaths

A recent hot-topic on Facebook Page Transformer Addicts! Brought back up a big question from the movie universe that left everyone wondering… Where did Mudflap and Skids go???

Well we can call it a “Bay Moment.” Supposedly in the Movie Universe he was going to have them killed in Dark of the Moon. The comic universe decided to take the matter in its own hands. The Twins were killed by Sentinel Prime after Ironhide was murdered by Cosmic Rust.

Here are some pictures from TFWiki showing the final moments of both Mudflap and Skids…




Skids and Mudflap were present at NEST’s Washington base during Optimus Prime’s conversation with Charlotte Mearing about the moon landings.

Later, the Twins were on hand when Sentinel Prime revealed that he was in league with the Decepticons and killed Ironhide. As Sentinel turned his weapon toward Bumblebee, Skids charged forward to stop the treacherous Autobot, but wound up taking the full force of the blast himself and perished. But before he died, Skids last word’s to Mudflap was “Sorry, bro … guess I wasn’t … as smart … as I thought … sor—” as he crumbled into dust under the effects of the Cosmic Rust. Skids’s death sent Mudflap into a rage, but even his righteous anger could not make him a match for Sentinel, and he too met his ends moments later.

Sources: TFWiki Mudflap, Skids

These two characters in the movie have been labeled as “insensitive and racist.” Which can easily be seen why, but really are they just massive stereotypes of the “gansta” attitude?

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Transformer Displays

Cybertron on fire G1

Recently I posted about using VHS tapes as a way to create displays. While this adds a metal and mechanical aspects it does not “finish” the scene. Continuing this is printing a backdrop to completely immerse the display.

I have some backgrounds I am still working on personally that are more “realistic” but for reference here are a few others out there that exist. These will be close to hi-res realistic photo quality as possible so if someone got close up would have a harder time to tell the difference.

Looking for a G1 recreation? Why not use OptimusTimeLord’s idea of taking screenshots of the actual show/movie. He basically as the video would pan take screenshots of the background of the show. Once he had a complete pan he would basically go into photoshop and add each as a layer and splice them together. (There is lots of software now that will even rebuild this for you…)

To see what he has done go to TFW2005 forum and see. TFW2005 Forum user OptimusTimeLord

If your not interested in trying to print these yourself a company has already done this for you…

From Transformers, G.I. Joe to Master of the Universe (He Man)… It appears to be printed on some card stock so its slightly thicker. Pricing does get a little more expensive but starts at $10 and goes up to $35 for the larger size.

Along with the really neat G1 Originals, TFW2005 user mandingo_rex posted some REALLY awesome hi-res graphics to be printed of Teletraan 1/Ark and Decepticon base.

Right now I have a post started at Seibertron that has been great informational for Transformer Collectors wanting to do more for their Displays. Check it out and join in! 

As always I will keep updating this site with any cool and interesting information!

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