Generations Megatron Concept Art

So probably one of my favorite Deluxe Generations toys that came out last year was Generations Megatron. His concept was “Pre-Megatron” being bad… But rather the Megatron that fought in the arena’s and won the respect and hearts of Cybertron.

Even still the mold have been used several times over this is a really great use of it.

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Masterpiece MP-10 / Neon Genesis Evangelion Mode ‘Eva’ Optimus Released in Japan – New Art and Story

Here is a preview really pretty graphic of the up coming Takara Tomy MP-10 ‘Eva’ Optimus Prime. I don’t read Japanese but translating it with Google Translator gives a “rough” understanding of what it says. To read more about go to: Takara Tomy Mall see translation: Translated Takara Tomy Mall


(Ok ok I posted another “comic!”)


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Transformers Age of Extinction Concept Art

Recently the Transformers Facebook fan page posted these images… And I have to say they are awesome!

Below are mirrored versions. To see them on Facebook go here: Transformers Movie Page

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