Leader class Megatron custom head

3DPrintron has a wonderful head sculpt that they have done that is now starting to show up all over the net.

Really the only thing this head requires is a slight amount of paint and your all set. Overall there is some significant improvements giving him a bit more of an IDW look tuff guy look.


Interested in getting it? Then go to Shapways and have it printed!

If you like the more “rustic” appeal use the lower quality ABS plastic, as it is cheaper, but also will give that more dirty look as LlamaGod’s depicts. If you want a more smooth finish then you will want to go with the Frosted Extreme Detailed.

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Combiner Wars 3D Printed Hands

I feel these are ready for general use. While they still have minor things they far outweigh the results. Being this is a 3D print and not a injection mold these are not for kids or for hardcore playing. Fingers are double ball joints.

These MUST be painted/spray painted even with a primer of the color you are wanting them to be in. If you do not paint them / primed the fingers will be extremely lose! After primed fingers may still be on the lose end so use clear nail polish or Pledge Floor Cleaner (SC Johnson Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish 27 OZ).

There will be more versions of these hands in the future so keep on the look out!

As you can see these hands do have a 5mm Port – however the Menasor sword is to long to handle it. No worries! The hands can still hold it using its regular fists. Mine need to be tightened just a bit more, but work just fine.

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3D Hands in hand v2.5!

So I have had these guys in hand (pun intended) for few days now. Still working on getting them cleaned up, but here is a little preview. Along with a few snapshots of the process to get them ready for use on a Combiner War Transformer.Steps are a lot easier on this set, while they do require a good bit of cutting and cleaning. For some reason this round came out nearly spotless in regards to no dust…

My initial checks are showing this round could definitely be released and ready for others to print. However, I do have a few notes.

– Thumbs I am NOT happy with “still” – heavily considering going back to the single joint vs the double joint for this release.

– Thumbs really need to be revised entirely. I feel to make this stand out with the other hands that are out there they need to rotate and have more mobility than what they currently allow.

– Sprues… I hate them… When you have 34 parts and having to cut through 2mm of plastic it gets rather difficult and time taking. Shapeways I believe has a 2mm sprue requirement and more than one… They are a hot mess to clean. My knives may be getting dull, but even still it sucks. Going to contact them to see about reducing the connection points to 1.5mm like most Gundam model kits do.

– Other notes to follow as I continue working on them. I

Here are some of my first snapshots. I hope to have them done this week as I am in the final phases of painting and about to glue the knuckles in.

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Combiner Wars Custom 3D Printed Hands Shipped!

They have finally shipped which is good news. This means it successfully went through the printers and polishing process. Now for it to pass my final inspection and assembly. Any major issues may result in an additional re-print needs. But on the more hopeful side it will just be small tweaks along the way.

Right now looking at the following for printing –

– White Strong / polished or not.

– Black

– Purple

– Blue

Price starting at $14.00~ (I am making all of $1.94…) These hands have a lot of parts and pieces and the sprues and machine space it takes up raised the price a bit unfortunately. I plan on working with Shapeways and other printers to see about reducing overhead costs. But for now the price of these is looking at around $20~ shipped.


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Next Re-Paint Customization… AOE Hound to Ironhide

Probably my newest favorite thing to do is to customize transformers. I ran into a custom recently done by Darkcave Customs. He had taken AOE Hound and converted him into Ironhide. Along with that he has made his new head sculpt available for printing at Shapeaways. He usually sells his customs after finishing them. This specific mod that he did appears to have sold for $165 on eBay.

His work is by far some of the most intense pieces I have seen. And if your not following him on Facebook, you might want to start!

I about have my AOE Hound nearly torn down… Per Darkcave Customs I asked him how to remove his head. AOE Hound’s head has a metal pin instead of the normal pop on heads. He said to use a soder and then pull it off with pliers. I have yet to do this to mine just yet, but plan to soon.

I will be using similar color variation, but with probably a more shine and glossy look with some mud and war-damage.

Investment –

$24.99 (AOE Hound) (HTS still has it on sale and with coupon can make it $20.00)

$15.00 Spray Paints, Paint, Sealer

$8.95 + $4.95 shipping

Total: $53.49 (Approximately)

This may be a month or more before I have any further updates on my customs. But until then enjoy DarkCaves!


Lets see. The 7 included weapons plus a 3D printed automatic shotgun, a HUGE chain-gun and a larger trench-style combat…

Posted by Darkcave Customs on Sunday, August 3, 2014

Images Mirrored:

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Combiner Wars 3D Printed Hands v2.5 Off to the Printers!

If you have been following the progress these hands are off to the printers for the last revision. Every draft so far has been significant overhaul. And this last set should be the final round. (It has only been two drafts! So three total…)

This round will include:

1) Thumbs enhanced with additional joint.

2) Increased thumb spacing

3) Increased finger bend and mobility (allowing for fists and other positioning.)

4) Easier assembly. Previously getting this thing out of the sprued sections was extremely difficult. This did add to the price a bit more, but I feel its still worth the cost.

5) Increased hand connector point to transformer by .1mm (Yes very tiny, but this should make for a tighter fit even after painted.) It may still require sanding down to fit but sanding is a minor labor aspect any 3D Print job may require.

6) Fingers now have a angle cut so they can bend easier (last hands I had to shave this down so they could bend easier.)

7) Gun port is slightly longer. Depending on how this draft goes I may even re-evaluate this to as some 3rd party swords have very long handles and it would be great if it would fit perfectly…

At this point this piece is nearing completion. It does have a significant amount of parts to it. Right now it is at 34 parts total.

3 parts per finger (12 + 2 for the thumb 14 parts for fingers…) X 2 (28 just on fingers!)

So this will require some manual labor, such as cutting, cleaning and painting. I will definitely look at doing a small tutorial on how to assemble this.

More to come, I expect no issues with the printer, however, the time for printing can take two or more weeks…


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3D Printed Hands (V2)

One more version to go before these are ready for full release…

The delays on this model were first caused by the sprue sizes. My printer increased the sprue size requirement from 1mm to 2mm.. Which took nearly a month for them to finally contact me about after two failed prints… Dang-it! Now that Combiner Wars is now launched I am able to see the difference of these hands which shows how terrible looking the CW hands are! I started these WAY before Combiner wars was a rumor so with that here is some final notes I have for final release..

1) Fingers had some slight issues with the joints. Need to shave off a corner so they can bend properly. **Fixed (I did this manually with an xacto knife..)

2) Palm needs a bit more room so the fingers can make a “fist” properly. **fixed, but may need to re-evaluate spacing..

3) Spruing needs to be re-evaluated. Cutting these out was a bit of a nightmare!

4) 5mm gun port needs to be spaced a bit more and port needs to be longer for larger weapons.

5) 5mm hand connector port needs to be shaped or slightly .1 mm larger to make a snug fit.

Once these are fixed and handled I think this should be ready for consumer use. These hands do require a good bit of work, but the results are extremely satisfying. This current version is one that I will still even use now for my CW Superion.

Things to keep in mind with 3D Print hands, and multi-part pieces.

1) You will have to cut them out with wire cutter’s or a sharp knife.

2) Sprued parts will need to be shaved down or sanded even if “Polished”

3) Parts will require a good soap bath / water bath to get the “dust” cleaned from it.

4) Even if you printed in the color desired you will still want to spray paint them with a nice paint. The joints will  be much tighter and fit better together. I used Krylon White Glossy Primer and it helped a lot! You might even do a glossy or satin clear spray if you like the color printed in. This will at least give it a more finished look. Even still a spray paint will fill in any small holes.

5) Fingers because of the type of joints they are need an extra bit of tightening with either a clear nail polish or Pledge Floor Care (Also known as Future floor polish..) I did this with the ones seen and after 4 hours of drying they are near perfect!

6) Last you will need to glue the back of the hands to close the fingers into the palms. This step is one step I didn’t add in my first model and regret not doing it. This will prevent the fingers from falling out easily or at all.

Right now these are being priced at $15. My goal is to get them down below $10. (Shipping is about $4-$6. So hopefully $15 shipped…) This will make them extremely competitive with the PC-01 & PC-02 PerfectEffect add-ons.




Back Story on the Version 1…

You can ignore this next paragraph if you don’t care about the history of these hands…

The first set of hands I printed were exactly that… My first… Riddled with issues and lack of mobility. I do not even want to show them here, because when I got them I was so disappointed. Ball joint into the palms was not a two piece section to prevent them from popping out. Fingers were two parts and not three. Thumbs… Thumbs on one of them didn’t even stay in, and the second one stayed in but I had to use some special putty that only worked on one of them. And finally had to glue one of them on… The ONLY part that worked perfectly was the joints in the fingers which was a double ball joint that allows a good bit of mobility. Anyways I have retired this model entirely and moved on to making a whole new set. (Moving one with my lessons learned…)

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3D Printed Hands v2 off to the printer!

I have finally sent off my 3D hands to the printer. After a long long long delay and me needing to re-think some things about these hands. Previously the first set of hands I made fell apart… The fingers worked real ok, but the thumb and joints that joined into the palms constantly had the fingers falling out. So I scratched the entire model and started over…

This new set of hands I had a few issues with the last time I sent them off.

#1 The Sprues were 1mm (which at the time was plenty big enough…) They changed the rules after I had finished!

#2 Parts of the fingers were a little on the brittle side (no good!)

And now I am pretty sure *crosses fingers* most of these issues should be resolved. I should have this in hands by the end of this month. (Pun intended…)

Additionally I started this project WAY before Combiner Wars was even in the news and even a rumor. These should work with ANY combiner. Because the current Combiners have a gun port I even added a 5mm port on the hands to hold weapons. I can nearly 99% guarantee these to work as my previous hands fit just fine in a combiner ports.

I will take pictures of the v1 hands to show the progress… As these hands are over 19 parts per hand! The previous ones were not even close…

Additionally I am working on some new feet for Combiner Wars figures… My biggest issue I am trying to figure out is the cost. The sheer size of them makes them more expensive. Currently these are priced at $30 (printing costs!) I may have to bulk order these to reduce the costs and sell them myself.

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Combiner Wars Optimus Prime

I have been following a lot of activity on Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime. Unfortunately him being “Voyager” naturally makes him shorter than a leader class, along with that he needs to be the size he is in order to combine and be within the same ranges as the other “combiners” (minus Devastator!)

***Initially I was going to skip Optimus Prime however due to the amount of interest in him and upgrade sets being developed I am extremely interested in getting him from the “Custom” side of things.

So here is a list of customs that you can order and (soon to be able to…)

#1) Full head sculpt, leg extensions, and weapon addition. Seibertron Member: autobotx23 says that this mod will make him stand over 8″ tall. Placing him very close to eye to eye with Megatron. His additional mods here include an overhaul on his paint job which looks pretty nice!

Prime-03_zpsb8a30537 Prime-21_zps8e710641


#2) Chest plate, and ultra mode mods. By TFW2005 member: johnbonhamatron is working on a piece that will click onto his chest and replace. This release is set for early March, but as any prototyping we know can take longer if any issues happen in the process.



To keep up with his progress you can go to TFW2005 Forums here: http://www.tfw2005.com/


Do you have a mod or an enhancement for Combiner Wars Optimus Prime? Let us know in the comments or contact us today. We are always looking for new and exciting things that make huge enhancements to original toy.

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Custom Plasma Axe

I have had this axe sitting on my desk since before Christmas. Unfortunately I have not had the time to take pictures and paint it until this last week.

My son has been a fan of the War for Cybertron and now Fall of Cybertron lines (we are a little behind.) One thing we have noticed with the toys from these lines is the lack of melee weapons. So I set out to make an axe just for him!

The results I was pretty happy with for the most part. Version 1 of this model was a bit rough and required a lot of sanding on the handle. WFC Optimus hand has a higher fit than most 5mm hands. However once sanded down and painted I noticed no chipping or peeling which is a success! My past works would have this peeling because of being to close to the 5mm fits.

Check it out.

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