Space Bridge / Star Gate

So part of starting this site was for me to come up with and create some display cases for my collection of Transformers to stand in. Recently while “day-dreaming” about all of this I thought about how cool it would be to have a Space Bridge ahem Star-Gate (Yes big SG-1 fan here too!) to be the bridge between Cybertron & Earth…

Here is my first draft. It is fairly messy, and still much to work out. It definitely needs more “points” these are Cybertronian symbols 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. I should probably have all 9 numbers in there for the sake of consistency.


Right now I am looking at using either Styrofoam or Cardboard for the structure. The gate will comprise of two pieces so I can insert LED lights into each of the numbered portions. (Ideally each on their own switch.) You can find 3mm LED’s on Ebay for pretty cheap. I recently ordered 500 LED’s for $8.50.

Second part to this I am looking at making the interior part when the gate is actually “on.” This will comprise of a few parts. First layer being a graphic printed to give it a depth. Additionally I am looking at the idea of layering that graphic so I can insert some LED’s and defuse them so it lights up evenly.

On the top most layer I am going to add some liquid water


As you can see all sorts of things can be done with this. Looking at the final part where they made a “swirl” in a cooking pan this is similar to what I am looking at doing for the gate. And with the added light behind this it should make for a very cool affect.


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Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing Model Kit (1/144 Scale) review

Being this site is all about Customization of Transformers and Robots… I had to jump into Gundam to see what it is all about. Briefly as a young child I do remember watching it on Carton Network (WHEN IT WAS AWESOME!) So with that here I am now and a Transformer Nut having to see what this other thing is…

Overall I find the concept to be pretty neat and that Transformers failed with a similar concept **cough **cough “Headmasters”… Additionally the look of these toys is insane with the level of detail and the collectors appear to be just as hardcore (if not more…)! Now storyline seems a bit “cheesy” attempting to watch some of the cartoons (not the originals wow that looks even more cheesy!) However ill spare this post of my thoughts on the cartoon till I can form a bit more of an opinion.

Anyways here is some pictures of Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing Model Kit (1/144 scale.) (Note still need to clean up some of the pieces here… Couldn’t find my xacto knife…)

This figure stands about the same height of a Deluxe sized Transformer.  While Transformers usually come nearly fully assembled. Gundam Model Kits do not… In fact they are upwards of about 100 pieces all needing to be put together. Pricing on these 1/144 models are anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 (see link below…) So for the value and size you are getting a pretty nice deal! Considering most Transformers do not have the level of details most of these Gundams have.

I would NOT recommend these for children as the plastic and pieces while can be glued in certain areas is still on the weaker side and definitely not “kid proof.” My 5 year old was pretty gentle as I was putting this one together and was accidentally knocking parts of it just posing it.

In the long run if you like Robots, and ever did Model cars/airplanes, this is much the same and I found a lot of satisfaction once piecing this together.

With this in mind you will need a few tools…

Some of the pieces that are “sprued” together in here are extremely delicate. Especially the transparent laser sword. Most of which you can wiggle and free them.

What is neat about these is that they fit pretty nice and tight that the pieces really do not even need to be glued. Some parts definitely could and probably should especially some of the face parts and smaller pieces.

Stickers! Now this is a part I can say was probably the biggest challenge. Tweezers are your friend! On the forehead of this dude was a small blue sticker… I probably spent about 5 minutes or more getting this perfectly in place. What is nice about these is that long as you do not push down you can pretty much slide them into place. Patients is a virtue here…

Lastly this model has one more mode with “Angel blue transparent” wings. I decided to leave him like this for now as it was more “Transformer like…” Some things do bother me about this dude, as the pieces are a bit loose, but hey we can handle that with regular Transformers right?! Overall if you like robots and mechanical things… Gundam is pretty neat as the figures are highly pose-able and this one even came with a Stand!!

Difficulty: 9 out of 10

Value: 9 out of 10

Recommend: Highly

Time: About 2 hours.


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