Transformers Last Knight – Extended Trailer

So been a minute… I had to post this because well… HAIL MEGATRON!

Dang I don’t care what the Trolls, G1Whiners, and all the other punks… He looks awesome…

Additionally… It appears Nemesis Prime gets his a** kicked by Megatron and his “Knights…” Which here at we are ALL ABOUT! We just cannot wait till we get a decent preview with “Onslaught” and his “Combaticons…” Seriously we had seen pictures, but it is time to see some actual footage please?! Or like many things did we get bay-canned!?

Check out the trailer!


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Transformers 5: The Last Knight

We finally have a “name” for the next Transformers Movie. Me personally I am not sure this is 100%. We have seen them change things up last minute and this would not be surprising if they did.

Calling all #Autobots: Optimus Prime is ready for battle. Are you? #transformers

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Paramounts ‘Transformers Story Room’ will launch at least a dozen movies

Forbes Magazine has released an article talking about the “Transformers Story room” will potentially launch at least 12 Transformers Movies. Previously I talked about how this is in a similar manner to how Marvel is doing their movies. As it has been lately Transformers universes are not all the same or equal in the eyes of fans.

These movies have great potential to unite the universes and bring in a whole new fan base.

Monday, June 8th is the first official day of operations at Paramount’s Transformers’ story room, where almost a dozen writers will steep their collective heads in franchise lore before churning out the next decades worth of stories for movies and television.

The story room, a fairly new concept in franchise development, is a team of writers and sometime producers brought together with the singular purpose to create interconnected product within the guidelines of an intellectual property’s fictional world. It’s the mutated child of a typical writers room and the transmedia arm of a multi-million dollar blockbuster movie’s marketing department.

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Transformers One – Prequel

Lots of buzz going about in the Transformer World. We have several things buzzing in the last several months about how Transformers will be getting spin-offs that go into different verses and story-lines that potentially make up the current movie-verse we have today.

First up we know that Hasbro had filed for trademarking a year ago for “Transformers One” and yesterday things broke loose about the potential for a Animated Prequel that goes into the history of “Cybertron.”


EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari, who spent half a year doing the production rewriting on Marvel’s Ant-Man, have become the latest to join the writers room that Paramount Pictures and director Michael Bay have organized to hatch sequels, prequels and spinoffs on their billion-dollar Transformers franchise. I’m hearing that one of the ideas in the works has a working title of Transformers One and that it is more or less an origins story that takes place on Cybertron, the planet where the good-guy and bad-guy robots hail from. Those talks originated with rights holder Hasbro. I’ve also heard that this might be an animated feature but that Barrer & Ferrari are also going to the writers room with the expectation they’ll write a live-action Transformers movie as well. Paramount insiders said they haven’t gotten that far on the specific projects, but I am told this is the plan. A Cybertron movie sounds like fertile ground for a feature to me.

It certainly does feel like a good road to take considering it is working very well for Marvel Studios and their Avengers line up. Multiple universes, many diverse paths making up a grand storyline.

**** UPDATE 

Transformers One is more than less probably not going to be the name of the movie. This trademark has been abandoned as of 9/24/2010. While its a plausible name, it is more than less more likely a “code name.” Given the history of movies, and shows it would be more likely to see Transformers Origins, or something along these lines. Source:

Featured Image Source Artist: Aaron Limonick


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TV Spot New Avenger Trailer for Age of Ultron

So another trailer released today for the new Avengers movie Age of Ultron. In this trailer we get to see a little more glimpses of what is to come.

Brother and Sister (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) are told that soon as they leave they are Avengers… Woot! Adding in more Marvel cross-over here MUCH welcome’d! Now if we could get Josh Whedon on X-Men movies… (YES PLEASE…)

Additionally a little more snow action sequencing. And beginning to piece together that the hulk goes a bit berserk in the city. Anyways less talking more watching!


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Pixels Official Trailer 2015

Sony Pictures has released there official trailer for the new movie “Pixels” set to release this year.

A slight base on Alien’s invade, that take the form of old school video games. Adam Sandler and friends seemingly are the only ones who remember how to play these games and set out to defeat them and save the planet.

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Transformers Age of Extinction Concept Art

Recently the Transformers Facebook fan page posted these images… And I have to say they are awesome!

Below are mirrored versions. To see them on Facebook go here: Transformers Movie Page

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