Transformers Last Knight another Trailer!

We are getting more and more details… This trailer is the best on yet. We get clear pictures of Quintessa, Optimus Prime vs Megatron, a picture of Hot Rod?, a bunch of “minions” getting slashed by Nemesis, and so much more…


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Transformers the Last Knight Trailer out today!

Need to say anything else? The trailer is set to come out today!

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Transformers Movie: Onslaught is coming…

So while I am behind, its summer time and my kids have fully held me captive and I cannot escape. I have a few more weeks to go before the kids go back to school. After that I should hopefully have more time for Transformers related content!

With that I give you the next “Transformers Last Knight” Onslaught has been announced this last week as a new “cough” bad guy… But to me will always be awesome…

What could this mean for us? Well hopefully we will see some combiner awesome action… Considering last year and most of this year was Combiner Wars. But more than that seeing Bruticus in action destroying autobot!

Now problem is Michael Bay tends to like to kill Decepticons giving them very short lives and pretty pathetic deaths minus a few glorious battles… Hopefully he will give Onslaught the honor he deserves. As Megatron has received a fair amount of chances… Its time a real Decepticon gets the opportunity to show real power.


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Combiner Wars Bruticus Transform Dream Wave Upgrade

While I haven’t had much to say lately. I have been keeping my eyes open on new things. One of which is this Combiner Wars Upgrade which gives PerfectEffect a bit of a run as it is SO Much different and in my opinion better… Ignoring the head, which I can get over and even replace later… Check this thing out…

And if you preorder right now TFsource is giving an additional 10% off. ($44.99)

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OLO Smart Phone 3D Printer

Some great news for the 3D Printing and Customizers! Printing has now become more affordable without dropping tons of quality and $$$! OLO is a UV 3D Printer that uses your smartphone. They say that it can use just about any phone that has a digital screen. Supporting all the way up to an iPhone6S size.

UV has always been know to be one of the better quality methods of printing as SLS and ALS tends to leave tons of impurities. IT will be interesting to get this printer in hands to see if it delivers as they say it does.

It has two modes of printing one at “quick-mode” .12mm and a .036mm.

If you compare this to “um” which average SLS and ALS do 60um. This comes in around 36um’s! While this is slightly more than Shapeways Frosted Ultra Extreme… (Theres uses a 16micron layering) which is difficult to convert and comes around .016mm of detail…) So more than half!

Either way this printer starts at $99. The liquids sound like they will be VERY competitive and come in tons of colors. This may be what I use to start prototypes and then migrate to a 3rd Party printer like Shapeways/Sculpteo…

The space this allows for is rather small, but for Transformer parts… It should be plenty! My 5MM Hands, and future 5mm feet add-ons should print nicely in this. And at the rate of “testing” taking weeks, this will take hours…

OLO has been fully funded and is nearing the 1 million dollars of funding. (They needed $80,000!)

So go check it out!

OLO KickStarter!

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How to make Energon Cubes

For a long time now I have been waiting to use my wonderful boxes that deliver plastic-crack-addictions… While this is still in the beginning phases of how to do this and how to do it well… The initial results are pretty nice! Not only is this a great way to recycle use of these boxes but they will help add to your displays!

So first things first… You need to save ALL your Transformer Boxes / Toy boxes that have “clear” packaging. Roughly 1 Deluxe box equals 1 energon cube. Each cube is about 2cm or 1 1/2 inch on each side. You can make these smaller, but I like this size as it scales nicely with Deluxes and Voyagers.

Unfortunately all I can say right now is I am working on perfecting this process. My plan is to have two methods.

1) Basic method that involves using a pattern and cutting the pattern out. Using then either tape or glue to shape the cube.

2) Advanced method using heat to melt the plastic to shape the cube. This method is much more difficult because if you melt the plastic to much it will rip, burn, and even set something on fire!

My goal is once I have this done I will even have some print outs such as patterns, and interior’s that you can place inside for different effects.

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Next Titan Transformer is Trypticon!

I am really not sure what other Titan you could pick out of these three… I was shocked to see a good number for Omega Supreme and Scorponok… Really? The last toy that was released that is decent was the G1 version… Oh wait that seems to be the only one…

Hands down we have Metroplex he needs his Nemesis Trypticon period…


Trypticon Fan Vote


There truly is nothing that can stand in the way of Trypticon. With your votes, he smashed his way to becoming the next…

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Tuesday, December 1, 2015



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CombToys W01 Bastard Sword

W01 Bastard Sword is a sword we have been following here at for a minute… Mostly seen being carried by various versions of 3rd Party Predakings, considering the overall scale of this is a MONSTER!

RobotKingdom seems to be the only ones with preorder available at the moment, but I would suspect others to be jumping at this sword soon!

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Leader class Megatron custom head

3DPrintron has a wonderful head sculpt that they have done that is now starting to show up all over the net.

Really the only thing this head requires is a slight amount of paint and your all set. Overall there is some significant improvements giving him a bit more of an IDW look tuff guy look.


Interested in getting it? Then go to Shapways and have it printed!

If you like the more “rustic” appeal use the lower quality ABS plastic, as it is cheaper, but also will give that more dirty look as LlamaGod’s depicts. If you want a more smooth finish then you will want to go with the Frosted Extreme Detailed.

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TRU Toys R’ Us Coupons and how to win!

One of the biggest compliant I see and even have had about Toy’s R Us is how expensive they are compared to every other toy store. Well I am going to let you in on a secret. You can knock their prices down to match or be even less than ANY competitor for the most part. Now one of the steps here is on the side of “iffy” as it will require you opening a credit card with them, and people can see this as “evil.” But if you pay it off each month then no harm here… If you don’t then I cannot recommend doing this route because interest rates are not cheap!

So what do you do?

  1. Get coupons! Ask around, sign up for their newsletters as they send coupons once a month! These usually are any where from 15% to 25% off! People with credit cards will typically be able to utilize the “20% to 25% off ones…”
  2. Get the credit card… Let me say just by signing up your first purchase knocks 15% off your “ENTIRE” order. So if you are buying something big… Thats 15-25% off the top… Then ANOTHER 15% off that…
  3. Finally save them points and make sure you are a member! I like to get mine in $10 increments… After I think its 125 points  = about $5. If you are a credit card member you get double points.

Now with these three here is an example of what I did when getting my Combiner Wars Devastator…

  1. 25% off coupon… 159.99 x .25 =$39.99 off! Taking it down to $120!
  2. Signed up for the Credit Card… Thats 15% off! $120 x .15 = $18 off… Taking it down to $102…
  3. Use your points! $102 – $10 = $92!!!

With this process I had over $67.99 off! Even doing this process on smaller ticket items and after having the credit card it changes slightly…

Use your Credit Card on Thursdays (This year in November and December also) gets you 10% off! Typically 15% off coupons are also very common so simply asking your communities on Facebook should get all sorts of people posting them.

What this means overall is even there $16.99 deluxe Transformers can come down to around $12 “AFTER TAX!”

So Win Win! The only way to beat these prices is Amazon when they do there “price drops” and those you have to get quickly!

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