TRU Toys R’ Us Coupons and how to win!

One of the biggest compliant I see and even have had about Toy’s R Us is how expensive they are compared to every other toy store. Well I am going to let you in on a secret. You can knock their prices down to match or be even less than ANY competitor for the most part. Now one of the steps here is on the side of “iffy” as it will require you opening a credit card with them, and people can see this as “evil.” But if you pay it off each month then no harm here… If you don’t then I cannot recommend doing this route because interest rates are not cheap!

So what do you do?

  1. Get coupons! Ask around, sign up for their newsletters as they send coupons once a month! These usually are any where from 15% to 25% off! People with credit cards will typically be able to utilize the “20% to 25% off ones…”
  2. Get the credit card… Let me say just by signing up your first purchase knocks 15% off your “ENTIRE” order. So if you are buying something big… Thats 15-25% off the top… Then ANOTHER 15% off that…
  3. Finally save them points and make sure you are a member! I like to get mine in $10 increments… After I think its 125 points  = about $5. If you are a credit card member you get double points.

Now with these three here is an example of what I did when getting my Combiner Wars Devastator…

  1. 25% off coupon… 159.99 x .25 =$39.99 off! Taking it down to $120!
  2. Signed up for the Credit Card… Thats 15% off! $120 x .15 = $18 off… Taking it down to $102…
  3. Use your points! $102 – $10 = $92!!!

With this process I had over $67.99 off! Even doing this process on smaller ticket items and after having the credit card it changes slightly…

Use your Credit Card on Thursdays (This year in November and December also) gets you 10% off! Typically 15% off coupons are also very common so simply asking your communities on Facebook should get all sorts of people posting them.

What this means overall is even there $16.99 deluxe Transformers can come down to around $12 “AFTER TAX!”

So Win Win! The only way to beat these prices is Amazon when they do there “price drops” and those you have to get quickly!

Share it: Ultra Magnus now available

Ultra Magnus is now appearing on just about every major retailer. is now available and I would not expect it to last long. Unfortunately there is no coupon codes available other than the ones Hasbro sends out with purchases. These also do not include free-shiping unless you meet the $50.

Amazon also has had some limited supplies of this and with them you can get it free shipping and no tax. So without coupons Amazon may be the best way to go.


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Combiner Wars Custom Feet

So some really good news! Today I finally was able to work a little bit more on my upcoming project CW-Feet. PerfectEffect has released theres and people are now receiving them… Which still brings my intrigue to push a slightly different set of feet giving a different option. Not only an different option but the option to only get the feet or the hands.

More good news… Today I have been able to reduce the feet cost by over $11.00! If you know anything about 3D Printing it is expensive! This basically means that you will be able to purchase both the hands and feet for about the same cost of PerfectEffect’s! And if you can find a coupon (which they happen to come around from time to time) it might even be cheaper!

To be even more competitive my plan is to create three different sets of feet. Giving you options! Extending this goal a bit more, the plan is to even provide 3 different scales for each. Which will provide a larger, middle, and smaller set. So if you like the bulky look then go larger. If you want slightly larger than CW Hasbro feet then middle will work nicely! OR if you want a set that is smaller (about the same size of CW Hasbro feet…) Then the smallest will do.

These feet will also have a henge on them so they can angle and keep the feet flat on the ground. Total parts right now is about 4. However this number will increase as I need to separate the feet so they can hook in the henge. So gluing will be required!

Anyways I am behind on this project greatly. Unfortunately I will not be printing my first test round this week, so this leaves me in mid June to end of June release on the v1.

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eBay Age of Extinction Swords for cheap!

Not sure who or what, but someone is selling some Age of Extinction swords for .99 cents! FREE SHIPPING. (Someone from China obviously as thats where it came from…) While the quality is clearly not extremely strong and durable… They are certainly really pretty! I purchased one of the gold versions, they also have a chrome shield and tons of other gold ones available. It also appears they have AOE Voyager Grimlock for sale for .99 cents (must be a mock up…)

I felt that for .99 cents I might as well jump at it because you always need more weapons right? Here are some pictures of what it looks like…

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MakeToys Nemesis on Sale

MakeToys Nemesis is now back on sale. From reading it sounds some people may have canceled their preorders… Lucky us as now we get the chance to own this figure! While supplies last go and order it!

The evil counterpart of Battle Sentinel!

Since Nemesis is the Chaos-processed Battle Sentinel, he shares every gimmick of Battle sentinel. He features a newly designed head sculpt, chest plate, a cape with chains and a cape seal.

By unlocking the cape seal, the cape can be opened and you can unleash the full articulation of Nemesis. The set also includes the Sword of Pneuma from the SP SG set.

Nemesis is available only in very limited quantities. Limit of two Nemesis figures per order. Will be on sale until all quantity is sold.  Can be combined with the Assassin Ripper figure in a single order. Shipping is flat rate of $16.95 per order. Payment is due when order is completed.

Available in very limited quantities – Nemesis is now ready to purchase exclusively on the MakeToys webstore!

Orders are due to be shipped with a week to 10 days of being placed. Tracking will be provided.

The Nemesis figure stands 7 inches tall and comes with: Truck/Robot Tanker Trailer/Weapons bay Cape and Chain Remolded head Large Sword Small Hand Sword Two large blasters

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Stomp & Chomp Grimlock New Low Price

If you have been waiting to get Stomp & Chomp Grimlock now is the time to do so…
I got him a few months ago at $40 (Frustration Free packaging on Amazon.) And well you can guess the price is even lower! ($33.78!)

Which means that retailers are slowly attempting to get rid of their Age of Extinction Stock! (Shelf warmers!)



(Price above may not reflect “Frustration free packaging.”) You must select it on the product page.

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Stomp and Chomp Grimlock near 50% off

Back in 2013 I landed a decent deal on Titan Metroplex. Which was retailing for around $120. (Still can find it for that in some places…) I got mine for $70.00 and decided going forward large TF’s like these should never be bought at full price again!

I have now waited on Stomp and Chomp Grimlock until now… I said $79.99 and in some cases $89.99 is WAAY to much for this toy. This toy is most definitely for my kids and not necessarily part of my collection. (Metroplex is definitely in my collection ehem…)

Finally Grimlocks price has been stomped and chomped down to a price I can finally justify getting him. (For my kids of course jeez!) Amazon has him for $41.62 (Frustration Free Packaging.) Folks thats nearly 50% off and from what I can tell is not going to be a beatable price…

Sure the packaging matters, bla la bla… But lets be honest this toy is for kids… Not like Titan Metroplex that is so stinking big and tends to fall over on top of them…

Stomp and Chomp on the other hand won’t be having these issues as he isn’t 2ft tall!

Moral of the story… I bet right!


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