SDCC Exclusives on HTS July 28th

Hasbro To Shop has a small ticker announcement with the date that the SDCC exlusives will be available on their store. (July 28th, 2015)

This includes Devastator, and the Fembot Team with (MASSIVE WEAPONS!)

Share it: Ultra Magnus now available

Ultra Magnus is now appearing on just about every major retailer. is now available and I would not expect it to last long. Unfortunately there is no coupon codes available other than the ones Hasbro sends out with purchases. These also do not include free-shiping unless you meet the $50.

Amazon also has had some limited supplies of this and with them you can get it free shipping and no tax. So without coupons Amazon may be the best way to go.


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Comic Con Female Transformer Exclusive

IGN has revealed pictures of the upcoming Comic Con Female Transformer Exclusive. These are re-paints of the recent Windblade, Chromia, and Arcee from last years Generations line. The repaints include massive scale swords from the Transformers Prime line.

Overall I am very impressed with this set, even the price of the exclusive which is $74.99. After the event is over is said to possibly be getting a limited number of these figures.


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HTS Wave 2 finally arrived! Menasor & Superion Complete!

Finally after about a month of waiting I have received one of my last shipments for a while… Completing Wave 1 & Wave 2. (Still considering Armada Megatron… I am also considering buying two more Powerglides, to do something similar as my Menasor below.) Gikpa Facebook page along with a few others have come up with an impressive Ultimate Prime mode with using three of him.

Below I have Menasor in a bit of a “fan mode” with the hips which makes him WAY taller and he does not fit in my bookshelves in my office. As you will see he even makes Superion “look up…”

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