OLO Smart Phone 3D Printer

Some great news for the 3D Printing and Customizers! Printing has now become more affordable without dropping tons of quality and $$$! OLO is a UV 3D Printer that uses your smartphone. They say that it can use just about any phone that has a digital screen. Supporting all the way up to an iPhone6S size.

UV has always been know to be one of the better quality methods of printing as SLS and ALS tends to leave tons of impurities. IT will be interesting to get this printer in hands to see if it delivers as they say it does.

It has two modes of printing one at “quick-mode” .12mm and a .036mm.

If you compare this to “um” which average SLS and ALS do 60um. This comes in around 36um’s! While this is slightly more than Shapeways Frosted Ultra Extreme… (Theres uses a 16micron layering) which is difficult to convert and comes around .016mm of detail…) So more than half!

Either way this printer starts at $99. The liquids sound like they will be VERY competitive and come in tons of colors. This may be what I use to start prototypes and then migrate to a 3rd Party printer like Shapeways/Sculpteo…

The space this allows for is rather small, but for Transformer parts… It should be plenty! My 5MM Hands, and future 5mm feet add-ons should print nicely in this. And at the rate of “testing” taking weeks, this will take hours…

OLO has been fully funded and is nearing the 1 million dollars of funding. (They needed $80,000!)

So go check it out!

OLO KickStarter!

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More Devastator Comparison shots!

So if you didn’t get enough from my last post… Here are more comparison shots from Weibo User: Peeling Good (Or is it Feeling Good?) Honestly this figure is more than likely going to be a buy on sight. Metroplex was a similar situation, but with the shipping issues, and stocking issues stores are having. It would come to no surprise this guy will not stay on the shelves once it hits them!

Rough Translation of what he posted.

Advantages: All members of the monomers are affixed to the foot. Combination of form is also affixed to the foot. Modeling and variant unlimited restore g1. And mp car with proportions and not violate. Combination connection hanging thigh fried day, is not a simple plug, in turn slide into the slot as well as on joint buckle dead, very strong creative. Joint tight to even pick up the mp arm held flat car is not sagging, standing on one foot without focus shift. Combination of form still hanging movable fried day, Kenjiro Beidoushenquan shape can be easily completed and no loose joints. And no legend so stealing gum, or even a place on the back of the hollow are irrelevant, simply innocuous. Handsome styling to fit boundless, the red this point, what are the disadvantages are able to.
Disadvantages: forklift humanoid monomer can rotate the elbow can not be bent. Individual wrist thigh humanoid arms and other parts also increase improve movable joints.
Overall, the official conscience is absolutely make! Peeling moved to bring as much as the year mp01! Players tf necessary funds!
Looks like there are bad businesses spread rumors that are currently listed factory goods. Last Flying Tigers and fearless uttered. I just want to say things do not sell 3c Packed with rumors that three abuse means too outrageous. What is absolutely genuine, good quality and a force, Nima factory goods Ye ko worth mentioning to have such a good quality surpasses boxed so much cheaper, why not.

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Combiner Wars Megatron vs Apollyon

It is hard to compare the two really because they focus on two different realities of Megatron. One from the early days and the other from IDW. Which both give great homages to G1 days, but take a different swing when it comes to the alt mode. CW Megatron transforms into a tank, and Apollyon into a gun. Price point is also a big difference. CW Megatron by itself is priced from $40-$50 and Apollyon is around $149.99. Hopefully the pictures below will help in deciding for you.

Here are some pictures mirrored…

Do you have more comparison pictures? Let us know! We would love to share them to help people in the mix of deciding which of the two or other Megatrons to get…

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eBay Age of Extinction Swords for cheap!

Not sure who or what, but someone is selling some Age of Extinction swords for .99 cents! FREE SHIPPING. (Someone from China obviously as thats where it came from…) While the quality is clearly not extremely strong and durable… They are certainly really pretty! I purchased one of the gold versions, they also have a chrome shield and tons of other gold ones available. It also appears they have AOE Voyager Grimlock for sale for .99 cents (must be a mock up…)

I felt that for .99 cents I might as well jump at it because you always need more weapons right? Here are some pictures of what it looks like…

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Combiner Wars Chest Pieces

A common thing at the moment is to merge different limbs in different manners including adding different parts to Optimus Prime’s chest (Ultra Prime), Superion, and Menasor. So to show how people are doing this and what they look like. Sources listed below.

Seibertron Member: Cobotron (Powerglide chest)

Seibertron Member: jaws (4 Skydives for all Superion’s limbs, G1 turned around limbs.)

Seibertron Member: albnok (Ultra Prime, legs turned around and chest reverted.)

Seibertron Member: Arctorro (Superion with Thundercracker chest **not stable)

Seibertron Member: william-james88 (Superion/Menasor with Black Jack chest)

Gikpa Facebok Page (Menasor using three black jacks for shoulders, and chest.)

(If your pictures are in here and you are not credited let us know we will make sure to source you!)

Images have been mirrored for archiving.

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Modder’s, Kit Basher’s, Painter’s, 3D Designer’s, and so forth!

If you are any of the following: Modder’s, Kit Basher’s, Painter’s, 3D Designer’s, 3rd Party Designer’s and so forth! (Or anything in between…) Bruticus.net want’s to know about you. What your working on, or have worked on (he) wants to feature you here on this site. You see Bruticus.net love’s these things… We love from smaller projects, to larger, and especially customizations! Bruticus doesn’t get anything out of it, other than letting the world know about your project. (And we might even buy it too!) If you have one and would like us to feature you here then let us know in our contact form.

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Combiner Wars Superion

I finally have Superion together all but the final (technically two more pieces… Alpha Bravo though is nice!) At first I have to say I was pretty stand off on this figure, but after getting him in hand and looking at each of the figures that make him. Talking about memories from the 80’s and 90’s! WOW! I really can’t wait for the next several waves of Transformers to come out as they all are really pretty awesome!

He stands right around 11 (inches) and if you extend his bottom two legs he can stand 14 (inches) tall.  All the deluxe figures either “fold” or collapse their legs into itself. You can leave this extended out to maximize his height. (Making him a little more proportioned…)

You can see him extended as tall as you can make him next to ROTF Bruticus (Crossfire add-on) and ROTF Superion (FansProject add-on.) Extended he dwarfs them a good bit… Which is pretty funny!

Only two con’s…

1) His feet are WAY to small… They hide behind the bottom parts of the deluxe figures and they really have very little possibility. (Working on a kit bash for this!)

2) Some of the deluxe figures just after taking them out of the packaging felt already “lose.” Their Arms and legs should be a bit tighter than this and it worries me that over time they will only get even more lose.

Anyways ill let him speak for himself. I did not take individual shots, as there are so many out there. I might take more pictures in the future but for now here is Superion.


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Combiner Wars Optimus Prime

I have been following a lot of activity on Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime. Unfortunately him being “Voyager” naturally makes him shorter than a leader class, along with that he needs to be the size he is in order to combine and be within the same ranges as the other “combiners” (minus Devastator!)

***Initially I was going to skip Optimus Prime however due to the amount of interest in him and upgrade sets being developed I am extremely interested in getting him from the “Custom” side of things.

So here is a list of customs that you can order and (soon to be able to…)

#1) Full head sculpt, leg extensions, and weapon addition. Seibertron Member: autobotx23 says that this mod will make him stand over 8″ tall. Placing him very close to eye to eye with Megatron. His additional mods here include an overhaul on his paint job which looks pretty nice!

Prime-03_zpsb8a30537 Prime-21_zps8e710641


#2) Chest plate, and ultra mode mods. By TFW2005 member: johnbonhamatron is working on a piece that will click onto his chest and replace. This release is set for early March, but as any prototyping we know can take longer if any issues happen in the process.



To keep up with his progress you can go to TFW2005 Forums here: http://www.tfw2005.com/


Do you have a mod or an enhancement for Combiner Wars Optimus Prime? Let us know in the comments or contact us today. We are always looking for new and exciting things that make huge enhancements to original toy.

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Ok so I am always a few years behind when it comes to video games. Mostly because I can’t justify spending $50-$60 on a video game that is going to be around $20 in a year or so…

With that my son and I finished Fall of Cybertron a couple of weeks ago and I have to say…

Without a doubt one of the best Transformer Games and video games we own. It really gives a great level of game play and story line in one. Game play it simplifies things for the youngest of players to even adults. Story line it really is a great continuation and story that each level builds on its own. When your an Autobot you hate the Decepticons and fight for your life! But on the flip soon as you become a Decepticon you are full on ready to whoop the Autobots.

Certain aspects seem limiting, but the depth to each character and their strengths and weakness is where this game REALLY shines! Some characters feel limited or repetitive. While others with many weapons to choose from and upgrade give SO many ways to play the game.

Bumblebee and Cliffjumper are more of assassins who if you attack directly will get whooped big time! (EVEN ON EASY!)

optimusOptimus Prime well as one would expect you are muscle and pure power…

I do have to say I am not a fan of this model. War for Cybertron’s was WAY better. This guy has a huge busty chest and his head is so tiny in comparison to the rest of him. I reviewed WFC Optimus before and briefly mentioned this guy…




megatronMegatron ok… Let me say probably my favorite. Riot Cannon and this guy means NOTHING stands in the way… Even the biggest and strongest Autobot goes down quickly… ALL HAIL MEGATON!








Jazz – This guy was surprisingly fun. His lasso grappling was really exciting to be somewhat like Spiderman grappling from tower to tower… Fire power seems to be a little more over powered than he probably should be, but hey! Ill take it…





bruticusBruticus – This guy was pretty dang cool. Super powered nearly invincible… I enjoyed playing each one of the character that they let you play… Swindle, Vortex… And once combined my only complaint is I wanted to fire a gun! Not some flamethrower… But hey ill take it…






grimlock1_1341594120Grimlock – A TANK… Seriously going in with sword and shield… Smashing and throwing Deceptions… This guy was every bit of what one would expect. Once transformed into dinobot mode was seemingly indestructible. With endless ability to fight off wave after wave without trouble.






metroplexMetroplex – While he is only in one level having him in the game and finally as a 2′ tall toy… Giving us the ability to call in airstrikes and directing him throughout a level by Optimus Prime. Made this game exciting beyond what it was already.







Of course the game has other characters, but I felt it best to keep this a little shorter. In the end if you are a Transformer Fan… This game is not one to pass up. It is a wonderful continuance from War for Cybertron. Which had disappointments with game play and each character had no differences between them. Fall of Cybertron shows a greater depth to first person shooter that other games have been doing for years.

A major difference between the two is that War for Cybertron you had ending boss fights. And with Fall of Cybertron there was not necessarily an ending boss as much as you completed a “task” that leads to the final launch of the Ark. Control, swapping your gun hand, hiding, character differences in strengths… Fall of Cybertron really was a huge upgrade in combat from War for Cybertron.

Definitely a 9/10 for me!



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War for Cybertron Optimus Prime

I have been looking and looking and looking and looking… Him being about a few years old now and an excellent figure it was a little bit of a challenge. I was finally able to get a decent deal for about $30 + free shipping on eBay. Typically most $15 deluxe Transformers within a year or two (OR if the line ends…) the price typically doubles. For this guy most of the eBay listings were any where from $30-$50. The “Favored” Deluxe sized Transformers double in price or go for more. (More on this later!)

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime is a “Deluxe” Transformer. However when compared to some Deluxe Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime you will quickly see that he is actually a little larger.

Without a doubt this Optimus Prime is now one of my favorites. Almost everything about him is awesome. His face sculpt, proportions, even to some extent his Transformation…

Now there is one problem with this figure. His transformation is probably one of the most difficult transformations I have seen to date. Tons of rotating and precise positioning in order to get him exactly right. I did not photograph his vehicle mode yet, but have plans to in the near future.

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime is now my third from the line. (Megatron, Bumblebee, and now Optimus Prime.) I own just about every Fall of Cybertron figure and when these WFC stand up next to them they look pretty dang terrible. Don’t get me wrong! They still have a place, but possibly not for long in my collection.

The quality of WFC figures have a stronger plastic, and are pieced together with higher quality parts.

This figure literally makes the Fall of Cybertron line really seem ridiculous as much as I loved getting the Fall of Cybertron series, however now I can see how much a rip off it was. As the WFC line is SO much better from just looking at the quality to say the least.

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime in my opinion is definitely one of my top 10 Transformer Toys.

If you do not have this figure I would recommend getting him before he becomes even more difficult to get.

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