OLO Smart Phone 3D Printer

Some great news for the 3D Printing and Customizers! Printing has now become more affordable without dropping tons of quality and $$$! OLO is a UV 3D Printer that uses your smartphone. They say that it can use just about any phone that has a digital screen. Supporting all the way up to an iPhone6S size.

UV has always been know to be one of the better quality methods of printing as SLS and ALS tends to leave tons of impurities. IT will be interesting to get this printer in hands to see if it delivers as they say it does.

It has two modes of printing one at “quick-mode” .12mm and a .036mm.

If you compare this to “um” which average SLS and ALS do 60um. This comes in around 36um’s! While this is slightly more than Shapeways Frosted Ultra Extreme… (Theres uses a 16micron layering) which is difficult to convert and comes around .016mm of detail…) So more than half!

Either way this printer starts at $99. The liquids sound like they will be VERY competitive and come in tons of colors. This may be what I use to start prototypes and then migrate to a 3rd Party printer like Shapeways/Sculpteo…

The space this allows for is rather small, but for Transformer parts… It should be plenty! My 5MM Hands, and future 5mm feet add-ons should print nicely in this. And at the rate of “testing” taking weeks, this will take hours…

OLO has been fully funded and is nearing the 1 million dollars of funding. (They needed $80,000!)

So go check it out!

OLO KickStarter!

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PerfectEffect Xerxes

So PerfectEffect clearly listens to its fans and proud owners of their toy-lines. PE started off with what is said to be the best Transformer of the Year “Leonidas” and from everything I can tell it is missing one thing… His evil twin! Soon as the initial “teasers” were coming out about Leonidas I had only one thing to say… Can I get that in Black?

Well PE listened and here is the tease!



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Planet X PX-06 Vulcan (Grimlock)

Planet X has given the people exactly what they want when it comes to Dinobots. Instead of going in line with Master Piece, and even the Combiner Wars aspects it is staying true to the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron toy-line.

Initially Planet X did a test to see how many people would be interested in the idea of them re-making Grimlock. Considering overall the toy Hasbro produced is not terrible, even with its empty chest and other tiny problems. Well folks… We got what we asked for…

Here is the first test run… And what we do know about Planet X when they show this stage its not far or much different from here.


Do you enjoy the TFcon last weekend?Here are more pictures of our PX-06 Vulcan including a comparison puctures too.This is not the final design yet.

Posted by Planet X on Monday, July 20, 2015

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Planet X PX-05 Quirinus Test Type #2

Planet X has FINALLY! Released photos of dinobot mode for “Quirinius” “War for Cybertron” Slug! Previously they released only the robot mode pictures.

Now we can see a completed gallery below with both modes… And well. I have not made the jump personally into 3rd Party dinobots… But this will now change with this guy… Buy on sight!


PX-05 Quirinus Test Type.Not final yet !Schedule to release on July2015.

Posted by Planet X on Monday, June 1, 2015


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Planet X: PX-05 Quirinus (slag)

Planet X released a bit of a teaser / test shots of the up coming “Slug.” Their version of the dinobots is following in suite with the Fall of Cybertron line. This being there next in the line up and is very impressive.


PX-05 Quirinus Test Type.Not final yet !Schedule to release on July2015.

Posted by Planet X on Monday, June 1, 2015

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Harris Loureiro – Transformers Generations Stop Motion

He has finally finished his 15 minute film! Only 6 months later and let me say it is amazing to see these toys come to life!


Jeng, jeng, jeng…….prepare your small pack of popcorn!. Its a 15 minutes movie and If you were listening through…

Posted by Harris Loureiro Films on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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3D Hands in hand v2.5!

So I have had these guys in hand (pun intended) for few days now. Still working on getting them cleaned up, but here is a little preview. Along with a few snapshots of the process to get them ready for use on a Combiner War Transformer.Steps are a lot easier on this set, while they do require a good bit of cutting and cleaning. For some reason this round came out nearly spotless in regards to no dust…

My initial checks are showing this round could definitely be released and ready for others to print. However, I do have a few notes.

– Thumbs I am NOT happy with “still” – heavily considering going back to the single joint vs the double joint for this release.

– Thumbs really need to be revised entirely. I feel to make this stand out with the other hands that are out there they need to rotate and have more mobility than what they currently allow.

– Sprues… I hate them… When you have 34 parts and having to cut through 2mm of plastic it gets rather difficult and time taking. Shapeways I believe has a 2mm sprue requirement and more than one… They are a hot mess to clean. My knives may be getting dull, but even still it sucks. Going to contact them to see about reducing the connection points to 1.5mm like most Gundam model kits do.

– Other notes to follow as I continue working on them. I

Here are some of my first snapshots. I hope to have them done this week as I am in the final phases of painting and about to glue the knuckles in.

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Combiner Wars Megatron vs Apollyon

It is hard to compare the two really because they focus on two different realities of Megatron. One from the early days and the other from IDW. Which both give great homages to G1 days, but take a different swing when it comes to the alt mode. CW Megatron transforms into a tank, and Apollyon into a gun. Price point is also a big difference. CW Megatron by itself is priced from $40-$50 and Apollyon is around $149.99. Hopefully the pictures below will help in deciding for you.

Here are some pictures mirrored…

Do you have more comparison pictures? Let us know! We would love to share them to help people in the mix of deciding which of the two or other Megatrons to get…

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Combiner Wars Megatron add-on kit pre-order

Combiner Wars Megatron add-on kit is now up for pre-order on TFSource. Because of the love in this line of toys… I definitely would not hold out for long on this upgrade kit. I do not normally jump so quickly on kits like this, however this one is the exception…

Act fast!

Check out this upcoming add-on for Leader Class Megatron from DX9 Toys! No preorders up yet, but find DX9 on TFSource here: http://tfsource.com/dx9/

Posted by TFsource on Monday, April 6, 2015

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Dx9toys Combiner Wars Megatron addons

Ok so this was definitely on my list of things to work on… However Dx9toys has beat me to the punch… It is interesting to see the response it is getting on the fan sites, and fan pages as its VERY mixed. Apolloyon is releasing soon and people still seem to be bias towards the 3rd party route.

Me… Ill take Combiner Wars Megatron over an expensive version. Why? Because the difference is minimal and I actually like CW Megatron better in just about every way. Thats my opinion…

This kit includes.

– 2 Hands

– Shoulder Cannon

– 2 feet

– Cannon muzzle

Total height – 24.5CM (That makes for a decent MP!)

Just take a look at him…

DX9 TOYS AL-01 Include: handsX2 shoulder cannonX1 feetX2 arm cannon muzzleX1head-to-feet height:24.5CM

Posted by Dx9toys on Monday, April 6, 2015

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