Custom painted Ironhide (AOE Hound)

So I took on this project about a couple months ago. And finally feel like its at a place where I can show some of the results so far. Now I have not dirtied him up yet, as I am going for a slightly clean look for the moment. So its definitely a lot different from Darkcave Customs version.

Take a look!

Basically I used several things here…

  • Rust Oleum (Ultra Cover Paint+Primer) Colonial Red, Metallic, and gloss black
  • Americana Acrylic paint (Might be looking into some other brands…)
  • Darkcave 3D Printed Ironhide head

I tried using another black paint I think it was Krylon and it did not do well on the rubber parts of Hound. It was sticky and did not seem to dry very well. I ended up spraying over it with the Rust Oleum, and then finished with some acrylic to ruff it up.

The Acrylic paint I used here is very cheap… Some of the paint went on very smooth while other colors I had to fight. Which may be I need to shake it up and blend a bit more with water to soften it. Otherwise I am fairly happy with some of the results. I am going to smooth out the yellow a bit more as I had to go thicker than I wanted to due to the paint not working with me…

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AD Soundwave & Tamashii Effect Burning Flame

So I have a love for Soundwave like no other Transformer… I also recently picked up Tamashii Effect Burning Flame. Let me say I am more than going to be picking up another set, along with other colors! This fire is absolutely phenomenal… Detail wise it really adds to your figures, and gives a pretty realistic looking fire.

In this shoot I am using for the first time an iPhone 6, Maglight (diffused with tissue paper), flat black display cardboard, and floor is a dry erase paper. While I could still use higher end equipment, my trouble is I want to show you can do decent photos with minimal and every day items.

I plan on doing more tutorials on how to do decent photos with even a camera phone.

Now – to say little less this is my favorite shoot I have done to date.

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Next Re-Paint Customization… AOE Hound to Ironhide

Probably my newest favorite thing to do is to customize transformers. I ran into a custom recently done by Darkcave Customs. He had taken AOE Hound and converted him into Ironhide. Along with that he has made his new head sculpt available for printing at Shapeaways. He usually sells his customs after finishing them. This specific mod that he did appears to have sold for $165 on eBay.

His work is by far some of the most intense pieces I have seen. And if your not following him on Facebook, you might want to start!

I about have my AOE Hound nearly torn down… Per Darkcave Customs I asked him how to remove his head. AOE Hound’s head has a metal pin instead of the normal pop on heads. He said to use a soder and then pull it off with pliers. I have yet to do this to mine just yet, but plan to soon.

I will be using similar color variation, but with probably a more shine and glossy look with some mud and war-damage.

Investment –

$24.99 (AOE Hound) (HTS still has it on sale and with coupon can make it $20.00)

$15.00 Spray Paints, Paint, Sealer

$8.95 + $4.95 shipping

Total: $53.49 (Approximately)

This may be a month or more before I have any further updates on my customs. But until then enjoy DarkCaves!


Lets see. The 7 included weapons plus a 3D printed automatic shotgun, a HUGE chain-gun and a larger trench-style combat…

Posted by Darkcave Customs on Sunday, August 3, 2014

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Custom Age of Extinction Slag

So I purchased recently from someone the double pack from TRU… And have been wanting to do a custom on a Transformer for a long time. Because I had two now and only paid about $10 for Slag…. Why not?

My inspiration was actually the Black Knight version, however, darker… AD Soundwave!

I used two spray paints –

1) Rust-Oleum Metallic (Brilliant Metal Finish)

2) Krylon Paint + Primer Black Gloss.

3) Acrylic Paint (I use Americana)

4) Anything painted with Acrylic is then also sealed with a Krylon Clear finish. (Not necessary, but helpful!)

5) I used a thick green painters tape for details. This helps prevent the spray paint from leaking (not prefect but helps..)

6) If paint leaks over… You can always spray paint real thick onto a paper plate or cardboard. Then using a brush you can brush the areas needed. (Great for finer details!)

Below you will find the steps and final results. I dub thee, Soundwave’s Dinbot! (I hope to do two more like this. Snarl, and another Scorn…)

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AOE Black Knight Optimus Prime

Well we all thought we were done with Age of Extinction right? Wrong… The internutz is buzzing with this guy. TFW2005, Seibertron (I think posted it first…), All spark, and so forth… Till all are one right?

I have to say I thought “I” was done, but dang this guy is spicy! Might go REALLY well with my Target Exclusive version. (Nice and white!)

Scoring in a nice Nemesis black and teal look I have a feeling this guy is going to sell quickly…

I fear if I share this link I might not get him for myself, however here is the source of this!

Toys R Us Japan

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eBay Age of Extinction Swords for cheap!

Not sure who or what, but someone is selling some Age of Extinction swords for .99 cents! FREE SHIPPING. (Someone from China obviously as thats where it came from…) While the quality is clearly not extremely strong and durable… They are certainly really pretty! I purchased one of the gold versions, they also have a chrome shield and tons of other gold ones available. It also appears they have AOE Voyager Grimlock for sale for .99 cents (must be a mock up…)

I felt that for .99 cents I might as well jump at it because you always need more weapons right? Here are some pictures of what it looks like…

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Stomp & Chomp Grimlock New Low Price

If you have been waiting to get Stomp & Chomp Grimlock now is the time to do so…
I got him a few months ago at $40 (Frustration Free packaging on Amazon.) And well you can guess the price is even lower! ($33.78!)

Which means that retailers are slowly attempting to get rid of their Age of Extinction Stock! (Shelf warmers!)



(Price above may not reflect “Frustration free packaging.”) You must select it on the product page.

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Stomp and Chomp Grimlock near 50% off

Back in 2013 I landed a decent deal on Titan Metroplex. Which was retailing for around $120. (Still can find it for that in some places…) I got mine for $70.00 and decided going forward large TF’s like these should never be bought at full price again!

I have now waited on Stomp and Chomp Grimlock until now… I said $79.99 and in some cases $89.99 is WAAY to much for this toy. This toy is most definitely for my kids and not necessarily part of my collection. (Metroplex is definitely in my collection ehem…)

Finally Grimlocks price has been stomped and chomped down to a price I can finally justify getting him. (For my kids of course jeez!) Amazon has him for $41.62 (Frustration Free Packaging.) Folks thats nearly 50% off and from what I can tell is not going to be a beatable price…

Sure the packaging matters, bla la bla… But lets be honest this toy is for kids… Not like Titan Metroplex that is so stinking big and tends to fall over on top of them…

Stomp and Chomp on the other hand won’t be having these issues as he isn’t 2ft tall!

Moral of the story… I bet right!


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Age of Extinction Crosshairs

My next project is going to be this guy! Crosshairs. Probably one of the more “mixed” feelings Deluxe figures that came from the Age of Extinction line. It definitely has its flaws and issues from the shoulders, to pose-ability… Lets not even talk about the paint apps..

Some how he is worn on me a good bit and seeing these pictures I took with my (iPhone 5…) Makes me like him just a little bit more.

Needless to say the Corvette Stingray is… My Favorite car ever… While Crosshairs even in car mode leaves a lot to desire… It still fills in a decent spot in my heart for the car.

Without putting this figure down to much more… Because I have a feeling he will be abundant in a lot of third party stores on discount… He will be picked up in bulk along with any others that I want to work on my painting skills…

Anyways here he is AOE Crosshairs!

Age of Extinction - Cross Hairs

Age of Extinction - Cross Hairs

LED Mini Party Light

To light up the eyes I used what they call a “LED mini party light.” They are often water proof, and have batteries that last a long while or can be replaced with ease. When there is no direct light the eyes light up even more… I am going to try and reduce the size of these lights a little more so they can be placed right at the head without seeing it… As certain figured are more difficult figures to light the eyes. (AOE Voyager Optimus Prime for example.)


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Transformers Stop Motion – The Mighty Bumblebee Re-Inforcements

Another great Stop Motion by Jordon Tseng. He also has some behind the scenes that can be watched below.

Behind the Scenes:


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