Planet X PX-06 Vulcan (Grimlock)

Planet X has given the people exactly what they want when it comes to Dinobots. Instead of going in line with Master Piece, and even the Combiner Wars aspects it is staying true to the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron toy-line.

Initially Planet X did a test to see how many people would be interested in the idea of them re-making Grimlock. Considering overall the toy Hasbro produced is not terrible, even with its empty chest and other tiny problems. Well folks… We got what we asked for…

Here is the first test run… And what we do know about Planet X when they show this stage its not far or much different from here.


Do you enjoy the TFcon last weekend?Here are more pictures of our PX-06 Vulcan including a comparison puctures too.This is not the final design yet.

Posted by Planet X on Monday, July 20, 2015

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Planet X PX-05 Quirinus Test Type #2

Planet X has FINALLY! Released photos of dinobot mode for “Quirinius” “War for Cybertron” Slug! Previously they released only the robot mode pictures.

Now we can see a completed gallery below with both modes… And well. I have not made the jump personally into 3rd Party dinobots… But this will now change with this guy… Buy on sight!


PX-05 Quirinus Test Type.Not final yet !Schedule to release on July2015.

Posted by Planet X on Monday, June 1, 2015


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Fall of Cybertron – Flashback Monday!

So continuing with last week: I give you a flash back video for Fall of Cybertron. Probably one of the best video games of the series so far. Combat, levels, and differences between the first game (War for Cybertron) and this game are nearly incomparable in regards to quality. If you have yet to play this game do not wait any longer!

Here is the E3 Trailer:

Featured Image Source Artist: Aaron Limonick


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Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Ok so I am always a few years behind when it comes to video games. Mostly because I can’t justify spending $50-$60 on a video game that is going to be around $20 in a year or so…

With that my son and I finished Fall of Cybertron a couple of weeks ago and I have to say…

Without a doubt one of the best Transformer Games and video games we own. It really gives a great level of game play and story line in one. Game play it simplifies things for the youngest of players to even adults. Story line it really is a great continuation and story that each level builds on its own. When your an Autobot you hate the Decepticons and fight for your life! But on the flip soon as you become a Decepticon you are full on ready to whoop the Autobots.

Certain aspects seem limiting, but the depth to each character and their strengths and weakness is where this game REALLY shines! Some characters feel limited or repetitive. While others with many weapons to choose from and upgrade give SO many ways to play the game.

Bumblebee and Cliffjumper are more of assassins who if you attack directly will get whooped big time! (EVEN ON EASY!)

optimusOptimus Prime well as one would expect you are muscle and pure power…

I do have to say I am not a fan of this model. War for Cybertron’s was WAY better. This guy has a huge busty chest and his head is so tiny in comparison to the rest of him. I reviewed WFC Optimus before and briefly mentioned this guy…




megatronMegatron ok… Let me say probably my favorite. Riot Cannon and this guy means NOTHING stands in the way… Even the biggest and strongest Autobot goes down quickly… ALL HAIL MEGATON!








Jazz – This guy was surprisingly fun. His lasso grappling was really exciting to be somewhat like Spiderman grappling from tower to tower… Fire power seems to be a little more over powered than he probably should be, but hey! Ill take it…





bruticusBruticus – This guy was pretty dang cool. Super powered nearly invincible… I enjoyed playing each one of the character that they let you play… Swindle, Vortex… And once combined my only complaint is I wanted to fire a gun! Not some flamethrower… But hey ill take it…






grimlock1_1341594120Grimlock – A TANK… Seriously going in with sword and shield… Smashing and throwing Deceptions… This guy was every bit of what one would expect. Once transformed into dinobot mode was seemingly indestructible. With endless ability to fight off wave after wave without trouble.






metroplexMetroplex – While he is only in one level having him in the game and finally as a 2′ tall toy… Giving us the ability to call in airstrikes and directing him throughout a level by Optimus Prime. Made this game exciting beyond what it was already.







Of course the game has other characters, but I felt it best to keep this a little shorter. In the end if you are a Transformer Fan… This game is not one to pass up. It is a wonderful continuance from War for Cybertron. Which had disappointments with game play and each character had no differences between them. Fall of Cybertron shows a greater depth to first person shooter that other games have been doing for years.

A major difference between the two is that War for Cybertron you had ending boss fights. And with Fall of Cybertron there was not necessarily an ending boss as much as you completed a “task” that leads to the final launch of the Ark. Control, swapping your gun hand, hiding, character differences in strengths… Fall of Cybertron really was a huge upgrade in combat from War for Cybertron.

Definitely a 9/10 for me!



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