G1 Cartoon Aired over 30 years ago today

Transformers Facebook page posted today that marks the day when the G1 Cartoon first aired its credits…

Happy Anniversary!

Over 30 years ago today, in 1984, these credits rolled out for the very first time. #TBT

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Preorder G1 Reissue Insecticons on TRU Canada

Platinum edition reissue G1 insecticons hit Toysrus.ca yesterday. Fan page Transformers Addicts! Fan reported this and the cost of the toy appears to be more than what this may be in the United States. Canadian dollar has decreased dramatically and thus raising the cost of products. Hasbro will definitely be making some extra dollars with this! In similar situation Australian dollar has taken a drop also so Canadian’s and Auzzie’s your going to be spending a little more this year…

The last time this set was issued was back during the 25th Anniversary Edition. (I snagged it then! for about $69 USD) This set right now on Toysrus.ca is running for $82.47 (regularly $109.99)

I would highly expect this set to be available for awhile considering the cost, and that it is only the G1 Re-issue. Plenty of 84’s-86’s still running around.


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Transformer Displays

Cybertron on fire G1

Recently I posted about using VHS tapes as a way to create displays. While this adds a metal and mechanical aspects it does not “finish” the scene. Continuing this is printing a backdrop to completely immerse the display.

I have some backgrounds I am still working on personally that are more “realistic” but for reference here are a few others out there that exist. These will be close to hi-res realistic photo quality as possible so if someone got close up would have a harder time to tell the difference.

Looking for a G1 recreation? Why not use OptimusTimeLord’s idea of taking screenshots of the actual show/movie. He basically as the video would pan take screenshots of the background of the show. Once he had a complete pan he would basically go into photoshop and add each as a layer and splice them together. (There is lots of software now that will even rebuild this for you…)

To see what he has done go to TFW2005 forum and see. TFW2005 Forum user OptimusTimeLord

If your not interested in trying to print these yourself a company has already done this for you…


From Transformers, G.I. Joe to Master of the Universe (He Man)… It appears to be printed on some card stock so its slightly thicker. Pricing does get a little more expensive but starts at $10 and goes up to $35 for the larger size.

Along with the really neat G1 Originals, TFW2005 user mandingo_rex posted some REALLY awesome hi-res graphics to be printed of Teletraan 1/Ark and Decepticon base.

Right now I have a post started at Seibertron that has been great informational for Transformer Collectors wanting to do more for their Displays. Check it out and join in! 

As always I will keep updating this site with any cool and interesting information!

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