G2 Stunticons (Menasor) on eBay again!

So to the majority of the world this may seem like silly plastic. However this is probably one of the most expensive G1-G2 transformers you can find. Last year it sold for $26,815.00… (71 bids) Yes that is nearly 30k… Why is this transformer so expensive? Well for one it was never officially released. And two there are very few of these in existence. Similar to the “Lucky Draw” all gold Transformers that occasionally get released. But with this one… It is special…

Right now the eBay bidding is around $9,100. With 4 days left. So keep checking back here to see what the final amount will be.

Clearly these high priced items tend to need a very specific buyer. But because of the rarity this brings out all the high-end collectors. Just following at the Transformer communities out there you can see it is drawing a large attention.

Images Mirrored from eBay and combined mode from tfwiki.net (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/File:G2_Menasor_and_G2_Defensor.jpg)

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