Year of the Horse Optimus Prime Custom Paint

So a rather interestingly criticized MP-10 Optimus Prime is last years Year of the Horse Optimus Prime. I happened to buy him mostly because its rare to be able to buy ANY MP-10 for less than $150. Why you ask is he criticized? Well Gold paint… Transparent Trailer… Might as well have made him some gold chains to go around his neck and be 100% gangst!

Transformers Addicts Facebook group had a fan by the name Terry Binion share his changes to this figure and to be honest I think he looks better than the standard MP-10! In short all he did was painted all the gold parts “silver” and covered the autobot emblems with new stickers. The end result makes me want to take mine out of the box and paint over all that gold.

YOTH Optimus Prime Picture Source:

Custom By: Terry Binion

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Masterpiece Starscream on preorder at

Who scream? We scream for Starscream!

Toys R Us online around 2:30AM put Starscream on preorder! This is great news for collectors who want the chance of getting this Masterpiece. At this price it is the BEST opportunity to get him at $59.99! Which probably means we can expect to see him in Toys R Us retail stores towards the ending of this month. Hunters can expect to be able to use Coupons and their Thursday 10% discounts which can drop the price to as low as $40. (25% and a 10% off using your TRU Credit Card.)

On another note – He seems to have sold out on the preorders, but I would expect to see this come back for a short times here and there.


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MP-10D Optimus Prime Custom

If your not following Skids Customs you need to be. While this site is relatively bias towards the Decepticons cause… We do however find room for Autobots especially ones like this!

Skids Customs was commissioned to take a MP-10 KO Ultra Magnus and convert him to a MP-10D Optimus Prime based on the Deceased Optimus Prime from Transformers the Movie (1986.) (The Cartoon also has him in a few episodes like this also.)

His goal was to make this Transformer look exactly like the cartoon with a cell shading effect. And let me say this is possibly the best custom paint job I have seen yet!

First here is a small interview:

– How long have you been customizing Transformers?

I have been customizing Transformers since 2013.

– When working with customers do you try to draft up on paper the vision or work directly on the figure?

When working with customers, they usually tell me what they want and I just go to work on the figure.

– What is your process when beginning a custom like this MP10 Optimus Prime?

I started with a fine tip sharpie marking areas where battle damage and cuts where going to be on the figure. First the head, cutting in the damage, sanding, cleaning and then painting. Then I moved on to each limb doing each one at a time and finally the torso. Each part was disassembled as much as possible before painting. No primer was used on this particular figure because the plastic already the color I needed it to be. Everything on this figure was painted by hand with a brush and finally clear coated with a brush also.

– What is your preferred brand of paints and type of paints?

I normally use Model Masters, Testors Enamels, Tamiya Acrylics and Vallejo Acrylics. This one was all Vallejo.

– Decepticon or Autobot? If you had to choose which side would you join?

Autobot all the way. I’m a huge Optimus Prime fan and have about 100-200 Optimus figures in my personal collection.

There you have it Skids Customs does commission custom work on Transformers and has a lot more on his Facebook page so go and check him out.

Commission Completed: I present to you…………… MP-10D Optimus Prime Dead Mode from Transformers The Movie. If you would like to see before and after pics, let me know in the comments!!! Enjoy!!!

Posted by Skids Customs on Friday, July 24, 2015

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Toys R Us Online Exclusive Bluestreak

Jedia Temple Archives has discovered a bit of confidential information about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con event. Toys R Us will be selling at their booth Master Piece Bluestreak. Once the event is over it is also said to be listed online.

This all is still rumors, but will be announced on June 25th.

Toys R Us sees San Diego Comic Con as a big deal now. They are having a presence there because they want to maintain their presence as the #1 destination for all of the hottest toys AS WELL AS put themselves in the forefront as a collector destination. Notice they didn’t say kids.

Toys R Us will be part of the Entertainment Earth booth and will be featuring 11 exclusives. These include:
285527 EX Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak
311260 SW Jabba Rancor Pit
423138 GI Joe Desert Duel
436869 POP TV: The Flash – The Flash Unmasked
290624 MLP Maud Pie
290695 MLP Daring Do
290608 36390 MLP Princess Celestia
TBD      TBD
376145 EX Power Rangers MM Megazord Black Edition
315856 Exclusive Mortal Kombat Raiden 6 inch
423099 1966 Batgirl

All product will be avaialble for purchase online and at the convention booth. However, these products will NOT be available in-store.

That’s all we have for now. If more information gets revealed before June 25th we will post an update.

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Masterpiece war!

Another Weibo User has created yet another masterpiece with MP’s and Photoshop Skills. Pic c/o 吖春晖_5do on weibo.

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Harris Loureiro – Transformers Generations Stop Motion

He has finally finished his 15 minute film! Only 6 months later and let me say it is amazing to see these toys come to life!


Jeng, jeng, jeng…….prepare your small pack of popcorn!. Its a 15 minutes movie and If you were listening through…

Posted by Harris Loureiro Films on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Scalper hoards MP Soundwave

Recently a topic came up on Transformer Addicts! Facebook page. Someone posted about this eBayer showing off his rather large stock pile of MP Soundwaves…

By my count he has over 42 MP Soundwave’s. That retailed for about $125 (assuming he bought them full price.) Which comes out to being $5,250! Now this eBayer is Canadian so its possible they paid more for them, but assuming not lets keep going!

Right now his price starts at $219 and maxes just under $300.00 Which means if they get the low end here they are looking at a $9,198! Or on the high end – $12,600!

Profiting from this lesson folks this scalper is walking home with: a potential gain of: $7,350 (assuming they sell for top dollar!)



Pictures Mirrored

The group had a steady stream of fans stating their opinions. Consensus was that a majority were pretty upset. Given this is a hobby and suppose to be for fun… This person has found a way to make a potentially large amount of money on hobbyist.



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Acridine Chunhui _5do at it again!

I have to say this is one of the most talented ways one can re-imagine there Transformers toys into something real. His work opens the doors for some really neat ideas for fans to create and see there toys in a whole new way.

Acridine Chunhui _5do takes and adds realistic effects via what appears to be Photoshop, and possibly some additional 3D rendering.

Without me carrying on to much more ill let his work speak for itself.

– Images Mirrored

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Transformers Generation Stop Motion Trailer

Stop Motion and Transformers go hand and hand. Here I give you a Stop Motion trailer that utilizes several third party Transformers along with a few Master Piece editions. More is supposedly coming and I know I am looking forward to it!

By: harrisloureiro

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Masterpiece MP-10 / Neon Genesis Evangelion Mode ‘Eva’ Optimus Released in Japan – New Art and Story

Here is a preview really pretty graphic of the up coming Takara Tomy MP-10 ‘Eva’ Optimus Prime. I don’t read Japanese but translating it with Google Translator gives a “rough” understanding of what it says. To read more about go to: Takara Tomy Mall see translation: Translated Takara Tomy Mall


(Ok ok I posted another “comic!”)


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