Preorder G1 Reissue Insecticons on TRU Canada

Platinum edition reissue G1 insecticons hit yesterday. Fan page Transformers Addicts! Fan reported this and the cost of the toy appears to be more than what this may be in the United States. Canadian dollar has decreased dramatically and thus raising the cost of products. Hasbro will definitely be making some extra dollars with this! In similar situation Australian dollar has taken a drop also so Canadian’s and Auzzie’s your going to be spending a little more this year…

The last time this set was issued was back during the 25th Anniversary Edition. (I snagged it then! for about $69 USD) This set right now on is running for $82.47 (regularly $109.99)

I would highly expect this set to be available for awhile considering the cost, and that it is only the G1 Re-issue. Plenty of 84’s-86’s still running around.


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Platinum Edition Astrotrain and Blitzwing

Facebook page Cybertron Philippines has reported a possible sampling of Platinum Edition Astrotrain and Blitzwing. This would be a really great turn for the Platinum Editions to go in as we have been lacking an new Astrotrain for a few years now. Blitzwing we did get one last year as a Voyager under the Generations line, but would still be a welcomed to my collection. (Especially Generation sized!)

The colors seem to be the biggest complaint, but this may just be a sample and colors may not be final. And with that Takara might come out with their own versions of these in the proper colors. (Purple Astrotrain please!)


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