Chevy Commercial 2014 Bumblebee

So this is a bit of an oldie re-surfacing, but heck its to funny and awesome all at the same time I felt it was time to bring it back up again. Besides if Bumblebee had this much attitude in the movies along with how funny this is… I think he may have had more fans… Especially Decepticons!

Awesome Chevy commercialThis is why you don’t hit cars. You just never know! 🙂

Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Combiner Wars Superion

I finally have Superion together all but the final (technically two more pieces… Alpha Bravo though is nice!) At first I have to say I was pretty stand off on this figure, but after getting him in hand and looking at each of the figures that make him. Talking about memories from the 80’s and 90’s! WOW! I really can’t wait for the next several waves of Transformers to come out as they all are really pretty awesome!

He stands right around 11 (inches) and if you extend his bottom two legs he can stand 14 (inches) tall.  All the deluxe figures either “fold” or collapse their legs into itself. You can leave this extended out to maximize his height. (Making him a little more proportioned…)

You can see him extended as tall as you can make him next to ROTF Bruticus (Crossfire add-on) and ROTF Superion (FansProject add-on.) Extended he dwarfs them a good bit… Which is pretty funny!

Only two con’s…

1) His feet are WAY to small… They hide behind the bottom parts of the deluxe figures and they really have very little possibility. (Working on a kit bash for this!)

2) Some of the deluxe figures just after taking them out of the packaging felt already “lose.” Their Arms and legs should be a bit tighter than this and it worries me that over time they will only get even more lose.

Anyways ill let him speak for himself. I did not take individual shots, as there are so many out there. I might take more pictures in the future but for now here is Superion.


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