Next Titan Transformer is Trypticon!

I am really not sure what other Titan you could pick out of these three… I was shocked to see a good number for Omega Supreme and Scorponok… Really? The last toy that was released that is decent was the G1 version… Oh wait that seems to be the only one…

Hands down we have Metroplex he needs his Nemesis Trypticon period…


Trypticon Fan Vote


There truly is nothing that can stand in the way of Trypticon. With your votes, he smashed his way to becoming the next…

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Tuesday, December 1, 2015



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Transformers Titan Wars Official Pictures

NY TFcon 2015 is off to a great start. Last night was a huge even of reveals that have yet to come across our screens. Hasbro did slowly start to introduce the idea of the upcoming “Titan Wars” during the last major reveal event. To continue in that momentum we are going into 2016 with Combiner Wars and will start to make the transition into Titan Wars. Which also happens to be similar in the Head Masters, and every other manner of talk.

What am I excited about? Well I honestly don’t care about swapping heads and blah blah blah… But what I do like about this is yet again it creates a opportunity for 3rd Party add ons. Don’t like that head? Sure heres a new one… Don’t like this part? Sure lets fix that.

Most of all Leader Class Blaster. It would seem like Hasbro and Takara are really filling in the blanks with the toy lines that many 3rd Party have been. This is good news for collectors on a budget. Price point is over half to 1/3rd the price in many cases.

Overall the criticism seems to be mixed again on these. My general thought you don’t like the “Head Masters” / “Titan Masters” idea glue the head in place… These toys still have great overall value that really will hurt the 3rd Party Market, and making that Market place work harder and focus in on Adults, and even possibly switching focus to try and hit the younger audience (lower your prices…)

No more talking… Here is some of the Official Pictures. (Some great improvement on the 3D Renders here…)

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