Transformers Devastation Now Available – AND MENASOR!

Well they snuck this one in, but another boss to fight… Menasor! “I am going to rip your spark out and feed it to you!” Bumblebee seems to also have the “sense of humor” here as he turns around and says, “I did not see that one coming…”

They did a great job with teasing this game, along with not providing every last detail of what to expect and who you get get fight. Only if we could get to be a Decepticon!

Game is now out now!

It’s here.

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Soundwave Sunday #2!

So sure I felt like it was worth posting two for Sounday… Here is an awesome previous of the upcoming Transformers Devastation Soundwave boss fight… And he is Superior…

Transformers: Devastation – Soundwave In-Game PreviewThis October, Soundwave will unleash some Decepticon destruction.

Posted by Transformers Game on Friday, September 25, 2015

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Transformers Devastation Gameplay

So at first I was a bit of a skeptic about this game. Still am, because well you can’t play as a Decepticon. But heck I like the concept and hopefully we will see a Decepticon version in the future.

Check it out! And while your at it check out their Facebook page.


Watch the Autobots make some scrap in the latest gameplay trailer for Transformers: Devastation!

Posted by Transformers Game on Thursday, July 9, 2015

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Transformers Devastation Trailer E3 2015

So a ton of leaks have been happening all over the net, but finally we have something to REALLY see. To me this looks like an old fashioned combo button smasher.

The game looks great with the cell shaded renderings verse realistic rendering. Giving it a much more “cartoon” original G1 flare. Anyways check this trailer out!

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