Collector Trade Secrets…

Soooooo, what is the secret to owning and collecting Transformers?

Well here are a few secrets I have learned over the last few years…

1) Supply & Demand… Plain and simple Transformers are in fairly high demand especially certain lines. Keep an eye on a few simple things. Is it a “Generation line” or a “Movie/TV Line.” Typically the re-issues are in higher demand then the later. These you need to keep watch for as often times you can’t wait for the clearance sales, or coupons!

2) WAIT! While #1 stands true… If you HAVE to have it right then you will pay a premium price. Sign-up for newsletters, coupons, and so forth! Hasbro Toy Shop more often sends out Free Shipping + 10%-20% off coupons! Amazon has dropped prices on some Transformers over 70%! Example the Leader Class AOE’s were going for $45 a pop! This Christmas season they dropped as low as $20… AOE Slog is a $25 Voyager and is currently being sold on Amazon for $12.53!!! A thrilling 30 re-issue was going for $30 and is now $12!

Another example last year Metroplex was released at a whopping $100. I bought mine for $45…

3) Be careful! So #2 is true! However understand the toys a bit… Stomp and Chomp Grimlock this years “Metroplex” has yet to go below $69.99. You can wait and wait, but often times will not find a better deal.

4) Look at getting a Toys R Us credit card… Ehem credit cards are bad kids! But here is a situation they offer as much as 10-20% off… This makes their over priced toys back down to even less than some other stores. (PAY IT OFF EVERY MONTH! Otherwise interest might kill you…)

5) Get Coupons! Seriously just like #2 different times of the year certain stores will give coupons. And most stores will price match!

Finally some stores with limited editions such as Master Pieces… These are a whole other level of collecting..


TFSource Masterpiece Grimlock


1) Find out when the stores shipments are.

2) Know when they open.

3) Check on shipment days…

4) Make sure you share! Yes its great to buy out and sell all those extra MP’s on Ebay… But what about the kids and people who really want that toy? You might have prevented someone from getting the toy all together. Even though collecting MP’s might be mostly for Adults, but lets face it these are toys…

5) MP’s you won’t have the luxury of waiting for most “sales” or “coupons.” These are first come first serve. But again keep watch over #4 and don’t be a TF Hog! *Oink  *Oink



Lastly always keep true to what you can afford and don’t burn yourself out. Seriously while this can be a very addicting hobby make rules for yourself otherwise you will end up with SO many toys that you do not even want or need.






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Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing Model Kit (1/144 Scale) review

Being this site is all about Customization of Transformers and Robots… I had to jump into Gundam to see what it is all about. Briefly as a young child I do remember watching it on Carton Network (WHEN IT WAS AWESOME!) So with that here I am now and a Transformer Nut having to see what this other thing is…

Overall I find the concept to be pretty neat and that Transformers failed with a similar concept **cough **cough “Headmasters”… Additionally the look of these toys is insane with the level of detail and the collectors appear to be just as hardcore (if not more…)! Now storyline seems a bit “cheesy” attempting to watch some of the cartoons (not the originals wow that looks even more cheesy!) However ill spare this post of my thoughts on the cartoon till I can form a bit more of an opinion.

Anyways here is some pictures of Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing Model Kit (1/144 scale.) (Note still need to clean up some of the pieces here… Couldn’t find my xacto knife…)

This figure stands about the same height of a Deluxe sized Transformer.  While Transformers usually come nearly fully assembled. Gundam Model Kits do not… In fact they are upwards of about 100 pieces all needing to be put together. Pricing on these 1/144 models are anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 (see link below…) So for the value and size you are getting a pretty nice deal! Considering most Transformers do not have the level of details most of these Gundams have.

I would NOT recommend these for children as the plastic and pieces while can be glued in certain areas is still on the weaker side and definitely not “kid proof.” My 5 year old was pretty gentle as I was putting this one together and was accidentally knocking parts of it just posing it.

In the long run if you like Robots, and ever did Model cars/airplanes, this is much the same and I found a lot of satisfaction once piecing this together.

With this in mind you will need a few tools…

Some of the pieces that are “sprued” together in here are extremely delicate. Especially the transparent laser sword. Most of which you can wiggle and free them.

What is neat about these is that they fit pretty nice and tight that the pieces really do not even need to be glued. Some parts definitely could and probably should especially some of the face parts and smaller pieces.

Stickers! Now this is a part I can say was probably the biggest challenge. Tweezers are your friend! On the forehead of this dude was a small blue sticker… I probably spent about 5 minutes or more getting this perfectly in place. What is nice about these is that long as you do not push down you can pretty much slide them into place. Patients is a virtue here…

Lastly this model has one more mode with “Angel blue transparent” wings. I decided to leave him like this for now as it was more “Transformer like…” Some things do bother me about this dude, as the pieces are a bit loose, but hey we can handle that with regular Transformers right?! Overall if you like robots and mechanical things… Gundam is pretty neat as the figures are highly pose-able and this one even came with a Stand!!

Difficulty: 9 out of 10

Value: 9 out of 10

Recommend: Highly

Time: About 2 hours.


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Transformers vs Gundam

In working with customizations for Transformers it was probably only a matter of time before running into Gundam. I grew up watching Transformers and ran into Gundam for a brief minute… What interests me in the current Gundam “model” is that they are… Customizable…

I have purchased my first kit a 1/144 scale (Transformers Deluxe scale.) Which to me is pretty much the best size for most robots. This scale is just a bit “shy” of making Generations Metroplex more accurate in size.

Not that this will take me away from Transformers or will shift my focus to Gundam, but because I do enjoy making add-ons and customizations I want to use these model kits to enhance what I am already doing.

I suppose the next big question is it “Sacrilegious to merge these two lines?”

They seem to both have something great about them in regards to customizing and enhancing. I suppose the main difference is that Gundam Model Kits are more like the model car setup which is not necessarily perfect for younger kids in mind.

Anyways keep an eye on this space my kit is set to arrive on Friday and I expect I will be digging into that soon as it arrives!

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Age of Extinction Crosshairs

My next project is going to be this guy! Crosshairs. Probably one of the more “mixed” feelings Deluxe figures that came from the Age of Extinction line. It definitely has its flaws and issues from the shoulders, to pose-ability… Lets not even talk about the paint apps..

Some how he is worn on me a good bit and seeing these pictures I took with my (iPhone 5…) Makes me like him just a little bit more.

Needless to say the Corvette Stingray is… My Favorite car ever… While Crosshairs even in car mode leaves a lot to desire… It still fills in a decent spot in my heart for the car.

Without putting this figure down to much more… Because I have a feeling he will be abundant in a lot of third party stores on discount… He will be picked up in bulk along with any others that I want to work on my painting skills…

Anyways here he is AOE Crosshairs!

Age of Extinction - Cross Hairs

Age of Extinction - Cross Hairs

LED Mini Party Light

To light up the eyes I used what they call a “LED mini party light.” They are often water proof, and have batteries that last a long while or can be replaced with ease. When there is no direct light the eyes light up even more… I am going to try and reduce the size of these lights a little more so they can be placed right at the head without seeing it… As certain figured are more difficult figures to light the eyes. (AOE Voyager Optimus Prime for example.)


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Combiner Wars Sneak Peak

There has been a lot of buzz lately about what to expect with the upcoming Combiner Wars series. It appears we are going to get a LOT of options… From Superior, Mensor, Devastator, and for those who want Optimus Prime, Prowl and so many more to combine with. Hasbro isn’t leaving out the G2 fans either there also appears to be some G2 Colors. Definitely something for everyone here. (G2 Superior is really what I am looking forward to myself!) Source: CyberGeeks Alliance

**11/15/2014 – Another update with some additional pictures of the Combiner wars series. Thanks to for sharing.

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Sky dancer meets the fireplace.

Such a happy time of the year… Christmas… Your children opening the very present they asked for. Them opening the packaging to then try it out for the very first time…

And then…

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Transformers Stop Motion – The Mighty Bumblebee Re-Inforcements

Another great Stop Motion by Jordon Tseng. He also has some behind the scenes that can be watched below.

Behind the Scenes:


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Transformers Stop Motion – Fall of Evil

Jordon Tseng – Probably one of the best on YouTube. These are semi-old and have been around. It features Optimus Prime Platinum edition and Dark of the Moon Megatron. His pick for Megatron was excellent and the special effects are near perfect for toys!

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Age of Extinction Galvatron Light Customization

Recently I was looking at AOE Galvatron and noticed that the center part of the toy had a hole in it…

Remembering that in the movie he had basically some form of jet engine / nuclear reactor… I thought to myself I bet I could put a light behind this!

Here is some of the resulting images…







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