Leader class Megatron custom head

3DPrintron has a wonderful head sculpt that they have done that is now starting to show up all over the net.

Really the only thing this head requires is a slight amount of paint and your all set. Overall there is some significant improvements giving him a bit more of an IDW look tuff guy look.


Interested in getting it? Then go to Shapways and have it printed!

If you like the more “rustic” appeal use the lower quality ABS plastic, as it is cheaper, but also will give that more dirty look as LlamaGod’s depicts. If you want a more smooth finish then you will want to go with the Frosted Extreme Detailed.

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Funny Tuesday

Have not done one of these in a while and just getting back from vacation. So felt it was necessary to come back with one that hits the social webs occasionally. Which clearly depicts correct scales and how phase mass shifting plays a major role in transformers….



And there you have it folks… The actual proportions of Bruticus… Thankfully with phase mass shifting we can be more human like…

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MP Starscream coming to TRU October 2015

So another great announcement hitting the TF Fan world… MP Starscream will be coming back to the USA! This one I missed back during the 25th anniversary. I will not be missing it this go! MP Starscream is one of two that I need to complete my current Seeker collection. (Skywarp, Acid Storm, and Sunstorm…) So definitely exciting to hear we will be getting him again.

In other *ish* news… Bluestreak is available now at TRU. This is a similar mold as last years “Prowl” release during the 30 Anniversary.

B4702 Masterpiece Starscream Robot Vehicle

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Combiner Wars Custom Feet

So some really good news! Today I finally was able to work a little bit more on my upcoming project CW-Feet. PerfectEffect has released theres and people are now receiving them… Which still brings my intrigue to push a slightly different set of feet giving a different option. Not only an different option but the option to only get the feet or the hands.

More good news… Today I have been able to reduce the feet cost by over $11.00! If you know anything about 3D Printing it is expensive! This basically means that you will be able to purchase both the hands and feet for about the same cost of PerfectEffect’s! And if you can find a coupon (which they happen to come around from time to time) it might even be cheaper!

To be even more competitive my plan is to create three different sets of feet. Giving you options! Extending this goal a bit more, the plan is to even provide 3 different scales for each. Which will provide a larger, middle, and smaller set. So if you like the bulky look then go larger. If you want slightly larger than CW Hasbro feet then middle will work nicely! OR if you want a set that is smaller (about the same size of CW Hasbro feet…) Then the smallest will do.

These feet will also have a henge on them so they can angle and keep the feet flat on the ground. Total parts right now is about 4. However this number will increase as I need to separate the feet so they can hook in the henge. So gluing will be required!

Anyways I am behind on this project greatly. Unfortunately I will not be printing my first test round this week, so this leaves me in mid June to end of June release on the v1.

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AD Soundwave & Tamashii Effect Burning Flame

So I have a love for Soundwave like no other Transformer… I also recently picked up Tamashii Effect Burning Flame. Let me say I am more than going to be picking up another set, along with other colors! This fire is absolutely phenomenal… Detail wise it really adds to your figures, and gives a pretty realistic looking fire.

In this shoot I am using for the first time an iPhone 6, Maglight (diffused with tissue paper), flat black display cardboard, and floor is a dry erase paper. While I could still use higher end equipment, my trouble is I want to show you can do decent photos with minimal and every day items.

I plan on doing more tutorials on how to do decent photos with even a camera phone.

Now – to say little less this is my favorite shoot I have done to date.

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Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ dies at 83

Leonard Nimoy, most well known for his roll in Star Trek as “Spock” died on Friday.

His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

In the Transformer world he is also known for his voice over roles as, “Sentinel Prime”, Dark of the Moon and “Galvatron”, Age of Extinction. His voice acting was nothing less than superb. Least not forget his many years as being known as “Spock” with his famous line (Live long and prosper!)

He will be deeply missed in the Scifi world without a doubt.



To read more about Leonard Nimoy go to NyTimes

Picture from Deviant Art: Dave-Daring

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Bruticus Gallery Online

We have now added a gallery that pulls in every gallery image we have uploaded to our various posts. It is most useful for those without an optic scanner that can translate English to Cybertronian. So for Transformers like Bruticus who are stuck reading in the children section they can simply flip over to our children’s gallery section. It has plenty of coloring pages too! (Just kidding…)

Check it out here!


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Cybertronian Metal Diorama – Part 2

In part 1 I explained how to take house hold materials and make your very own Metal (Cybertronian Metal) Diorama. The process is very easy and takes about an 1-2 hours. In part 2 I will now be talking about painting your background (or floor.)

Something to think about with Aluminum foil is it might resist (non-stick) and take a few layers to get a nice thickness to it. Acrylic didn’t seem to have trouble, but it does take a few layers to get a nice thickness to it.

In my previous custom articles I explain that I use Acrylic paint. (Relatively cheap brand too.) Americana.

You can get it for about $2 a thing. Or the set above for about $12.

Now painting this I recommend looking up some materials on how to use acrylics. I basically use the following technique.

1) Glass of water

2) Drip small amount of paint on to a paper plate

3) Dip my brush into the water and brush some of it off onto a paper towel.

4) Dip the tip of the brush into the paint and brush it so its not to thick.

From here I do small layers. Streaks are ok here as most metal seems to have a bit of its own life to it. I got a little messy with mine to make it seem like its aged bit. Additionally I added some Houser Dark Green, and even mixed some of my Zinc and Yellow to get a nice rust look on certain panels.

The goal is to add a bit more depth to it. so going darker on the outside and lighter on the inside. My backgrounds I try not to have to much in focus so they don’t have to be perfect.

If your wanting a more “non-earthly.” I suggest having several shades of grey (50 might be nice!) Black is an obvious need also. I will try and make a more “less earthly” diorama. This one was more like a ship on earth that had been decaying in the wilderness. Additionally if you are going for the Teletran-1 / Ark yellow look, you can always go with a yellow, and orange base and be extremely thin. This will make the foil still shine a good bit behind it. (Which you may want to do the shiny side up for that…)

Anyways who cares about words here is my first painted one.

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50 Shades of Grey

Yet another great comedic relief of this terrible movie… The ONLY 50 shades of grey I like…


Image by Andrea Cheem Stefanelli in the TRANSFORMERS ADDICTS! group




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G1 Transformers leaves Netflix

Well definitely yesterdays news, but have to say I miss seeing Transformers G1 in my Netflix queue. My sons often times jump to it and watch a random episode and thoroughly enjoyed it. While understanding business is business… Hasbro better start pushing for their own stream or get their content on another streaming company *couch* Amazon Prime!

In this day and age it is seemingly impossible to stay in the face of kids unless you are on one of these sites. Shows that would never have done well on cable are suddenly massive hits online.

I suppose I will have to bite the bullet and buy the G1 series now…


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