Transformers Last Knight – Extended Trailer

So been a minute… I had to post this because well… HAIL MEGATRON!

Dang I don’t care what the Trolls, G1Whiners, and all the other punks… He looks awesome…

Additionally… It appears Nemesis Prime gets his a** kicked by Megatron and his “Knights…” Which here at we are ALL ABOUT! We just cannot wait till we get a decent preview with “Onslaught” and his “Combaticons…” Seriously we had seen pictures, but it is time to see some actual footage please?! Or like many things did we get bay-canned!?

Check out the trailer!


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Transformers Devastation Now Available – AND MENASOR!

Well they snuck this one in, but another boss to fight… Menasor! “I am going to rip your spark out and feed it to you!” Bumblebee seems to also have the “sense of humor” here as he turns around and says, “I did not see that one coming…”

They did a great job with teasing this game, along with not providing every last detail of what to expect and who you get get fight. Only if we could get to be a Decepticon!

Game is now out now!

It’s here.

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Transformers Movies – Confirms 5-8 by Stephen Davis

While this has hit every other news site I find it worthy enough to repost it under this site also. Still no information regarding who will direct, but to the next 10 years we will have another 3 Transformers Live Action Films. (Rumor within his voice said, “and Michael Bay…” But still no updates from Bay and Paramount yet…)

Whether you love them or hate them, we all have to admit it has kept Hasbro in the business of producing Transformers and keeping the brand alive. This year they have reported a “downside” with the Transformers toy-line which was expected as this is a “non-movie” year… So to the next ten years!

The information regarding this starts around 10.30 minute mark.

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Chevy Commercial 2014 Bumblebee

So this is a bit of an oldie re-surfacing, but heck its to funny and awesome all at the same time I felt it was time to bring it back up again. Besides if Bumblebee had this much attitude in the movies along with how funny this is… I think he may have had more fans… Especially Decepticons!

Awesome Chevy commercialThis is why you don’t hit cars. You just never know! 🙂

Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Engineer makes transforming car

It only has taken a single engineer ten years to create transforming remote control car. Still incredible work and definitely where the future is for Transformer toy-lines. Next I can see transforming vehicles that fight?


An engineer spends 10 years making impressive Transformer RobotAn engineer spends 10 years making impressive Transformer Robot

Posted by Interesting Engineering on Friday, July 25, 2014

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Transformers Devastation Gameplay

So at first I was a bit of a skeptic about this game. Still am, because well you can’t play as a Decepticon. But heck I like the concept and hopefully we will see a Decepticon version in the future.

Check it out! And while your at it check out their Facebook page.


Watch the Autobots make some scrap in the latest gameplay trailer for Transformers: Devastation!

Posted by Transformers Game on Thursday, July 9, 2015

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Fall of Cybertron – Flashback Monday!

So continuing with last week: I give you a flash back video for Fall of Cybertron. Probably one of the best video games of the series so far. Combat, levels, and differences between the first game (War for Cybertron) and this game are nearly incomparable in regards to quality. If you have yet to play this game do not wait any longer!

Here is the E3 Trailer:

Featured Image Source Artist: Aaron Limonick


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Combiner Wars Transformers Tv Advertisement

Transformers Hong Kong posted this morning a Combiner Wars Promotional Video. This video only shows Superion and Menasor. However it has some really nice effects.


變形金剛 合體金剛大戰 【變形金剛 合體金剛大戰模型】現已有售!合體後會得到更多、更大的勇氣!立即製造你的終極合體金剛!

Posted by Transformers Hong Kong on Thursday, June 4, 2015

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War for Cybertron Trailer – Flashback Monday!

So Mondays can always be a difficult start for anyone! So lets look back at the original trailer for “War for Cybertron.” And lets never forget what happened on Cybertron many millennium ago.


Featured Image Source Artist: Aaron Limonick

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Green Ranger vs Ryu

Ok so this SHOULD be obvious… They used the REAL GREEN RANGER! But for people who are hardcore Ryu fans who seem to think this dude is invincible… He is not… Sure he has lots of abilities… I won’t ruin the ending for you all but I think I just did… Rumor has it there is a alternate ending, for people who don’t like the outcome, but lets be realistic here.. DRAGONZORD!

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