Year of the Horse Optimus Prime Custom Paint

So a rather interestingly criticized MP-10 Optimus Prime is last years Year of the Horse Optimus Prime. I happened to buy him mostly because its rare to be able to buy ANY MP-10 for less than $150. Why you ask is he criticized? Well Gold paint… Transparent Trailer… Might as well have made him some gold chains to go around his neck and be 100% gangst!

Transformers Addicts Facebook group had a fan by the name Terry Binion share his changes to this figure and to be honest I think he looks better than the standard MP-10! In short all he did was painted all the gold parts “silver” and covered the autobot emblems with new stickers. The end result makes me want to take mine out of the box and paint over all that gold.

YOTH Optimus Prime Picture Source:

Custom By: Terry Binion

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