Combiner Wars 3D Printed Hands

I feel these are ready for general use. While they still have minor things they far outweigh the results. Being this is a 3D print and not a injection mold these are not for kids or for hardcore playing. Fingers are double ball joints.

These MUST be painted/spray painted even with a primer of the color you are wanting them to be in. If you do not paint them / primed the fingers will be extremely lose! After primed fingers may still be on the lose end so use clear nail polish or Pledge Floor Cleaner (SC Johnson Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish 27 OZ).

There will be more versions of these hands in the future so keep on the look out!

As you can see these hands do have a 5mm Port – however the Menasor sword is to long to handle it. No worries! The hands can still hold it using its regular fists. Mine need to be tightened just a bit more, but work just fine.

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3D Hands in hand v2.5!

So I have had these guys in hand (pun intended) for few days now. Still working on getting them cleaned up, but here is a little preview. Along with a few snapshots of the process to get them ready for use on a Combiner War Transformer.Steps are a lot easier on this set, while they do require a good bit of cutting and cleaning. For some reason this round came out nearly spotless in regards to no dust…

My initial checks are showing this round could definitely be released and ready for others to print. However, I do have a few notes.

– Thumbs I am NOT happy with “still” – heavily considering going back to the single joint vs the double joint for this release.

– Thumbs really need to be revised entirely. I feel to make this stand out with the other hands that are out there they need to rotate and have more mobility than what they currently allow.

– Sprues… I hate them… When you have 34 parts and having to cut through 2mm of plastic it gets rather difficult and time taking. Shapeways I believe has a 2mm sprue requirement and more than one… They are a hot mess to clean. My knives may be getting dull, but even still it sucks. Going to contact them to see about reducing the connection points to 1.5mm like most Gundam model kits do.

– Other notes to follow as I continue working on them. I

Here are some of my first snapshots. I hope to have them done this week as I am in the final phases of painting and about to glue the knuckles in.

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Combiner Wars Custom 3D Printed Hands Shipped!

They have finally shipped which is good news. This means it successfully went through the printers and polishing process. Now for it to pass my final inspection and assembly. Any major issues may result in an additional re-print needs. But on the more hopeful side it will just be small tweaks along the way.

Right now looking at the following for printing –

– White Strong / polished or not.

– Black

– Purple

– Blue

Price starting at $14.00~ (I am making all of $1.94…) These hands have a lot of parts and pieces and the sprues and machine space it takes up raised the price a bit unfortunately. I plan on working with Shapeways and other printers to see about reducing overhead costs. But for now the price of these is looking at around $20~ shipped.


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3D Printed Hands v2 off to the printer!

I have finally sent off my 3D hands to the printer. After a long long long delay and me needing to re-think some things about these hands. Previously the first set of hands I made fell apart… The fingers worked real ok, but the thumb and joints that joined into the palms constantly had the fingers falling out. So I scratched the entire model and started over…

This new set of hands I had a few issues with the last time I sent them off.

#1 The Sprues were 1mm (which at the time was plenty big enough…) They changed the rules after I had finished!

#2 Parts of the fingers were a little on the brittle side (no good!)

And now I am pretty sure *crosses fingers* most of these issues should be resolved. I should have this in hands by the end of this month. (Pun intended…)

Additionally I started this project WAY before Combiner Wars was even in the news and even a rumor. These should work with ANY combiner. Because the current Combiners have a gun port I even added a 5mm port on the hands to hold weapons. I can nearly 99% guarantee these to work as my previous hands fit just fine in a combiner ports.

I will take pictures of the v1 hands to show the progress… As these hands are over 19 parts per hand! The previous ones were not even close…

Additionally I am working on some new feet for Combiner Wars figures… My biggest issue I am trying to figure out is the cost. The sheer size of them makes them more expensive. Currently these are priced at $30 (printing costs!) I may have to bulk order these to reduce the costs and sell them myself.

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