Age of Extinction Crosshairs

My next project is going to be this guy! Crosshairs. Probably one of the more “mixed” feelings Deluxe figures that came from the Age of Extinction line. It definitely has its flaws and issues from the shoulders, to pose-ability… Lets not even talk about the paint apps..

Some how he is worn on me a good bit and seeing these pictures I took with my (iPhone 5…) Makes me like him just a little bit more.

Needless to say the Corvette Stingray is… My Favorite car ever… While Crosshairs even in car mode leaves a lot to desire… It still fills in a decent spot in my heart for the car.

Without putting this figure down to much more… Because I have a feeling he will be abundant in a lot of third party stores on discount… He will be picked up in bulk along with any others that I want to work on my painting skills…

Anyways here he is AOE Crosshairs!

Age of Extinction - Cross Hairs

Age of Extinction - Cross Hairs

LED Mini Party Light

To light up the eyes I used what they call a “LED mini party light.” They are often water proof, and have batteries that last a long while or can be replaced with ease. When there is no direct light the eyes light up even more… I am going to try and reduce the size of these lights a little more so they can be placed right at the head without seeing it… As certain figured are more difficult figures to light the eyes. (AOE Voyager Optimus Prime for example.)


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